Alabama people?

Question:does anyone know about the homeschool things in the state. i already read the laws about it but i would like more information. i am gonna try to go to the church school that does it but i need to talk my dad into ,letting me do this. if there's anythin else i will answer

Homeschooling in AL requires that you "Establish and/or enroll in a church school". Most homeschoolers state-wide simple enroll in a church (umbrella) cover to fulfill that requirement. These groups do not provide classes or instruction (though their members might attend co-op classes or something similar). Your actual subject work, cirricula, etc. is typically provided by your parents.

Are you old enough (and commited enough) to self-teach and get yourself to other homeschool activities? Do you live in an area that has a co-op or a very active homeschool group you could participate with? Are there other activities available for you locally (sports teams. art classes. etc)?

You'll need to research the resources you have available locally, the laws, and cirricula thoroughly. Also, put together a sample schedule of what you'll being doing daily, weekly, etc and your short-term and long-term goals. Present your research to your father in a well-written, well-thought out manner to show that you're commited to the idea and that you've done all the legwork for him.

Best of Luck to you!

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