7th Grade Planet Project!!Help Please!!Also I am homeschooled!?

Question:Okay this is what I am doing:
Taking a poster board and putting the solar system on it.
Then taking note cards and putting info on them.
My book for geography since im homeschooled is the "The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia Of World Geography With Complete World Atlas."

It has sites to go to but i need some good sites and info with personal experence!!?!?!
Help Please!!

I'm not sure a geography book will help with this, but I am not familiar with the book you mentioned. Do you have access to the public library? You can usually find a good variety of info on astronomy. The older books will still list Pluto as a planet, but it has been "demoted" to a dwarf planet instead. What are the guidelines for the project? What were the instructions? And what do you need help on? Are you planning to draw and color the planets yourself or print pictures from the internet?

Also, for the notecards, you could include such stats as how long a day and year is for the planet, what it is made up of, what the climate is like, when it was discovered, etc. Are you going to draw the path of orbit?

One site I like is http://www.seasky.org

That site has a photo gallery where you can see some really beautiful photos. They also have a calendar in which you can find upcoming events, such as, the Perseids Meteor shower we just had. (best one of the year!)

You could check out NASA's site at http://www.nasa.gov or the kid site http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forkids...

You could always just google the topic you are looking for.
Check out wikipedia.org for some extensive info on each planet. Wiki hasn't failed me in any topic I required detailed information on.
OK..get a huge piece of card board from you home..(maybe ma or dad just bought something)...Then look at the picture you have of the solar system..then get paper plates,,newspaper...anything at all.. cut circles that look about the size of the 9 planets...paint them the colors that are in your science book..paste them to the card board..draw,color , and use your imagination ..you will find in the end , card board folds easy, take it in the car or on the bus..you will do great..Oh and write your info..(reallysmall) on the circles!
Take a look at the website below. You will probably find this helpful for your poster board project about the solar system.


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