I am having trouble just being at school, any thoughts on homeschooling?

Question:last year i went through a deppresion when my freshmen year started and it is happening again. im thinking about homeschooling any thoughts on it?

You need to have your parents support and involvement to home school. Make sure you weigh the option carefully. I am definitely for Homeschooling in most situations, but it really comes down to what is best for your family.

Ignore the first to answerer's. The biggest myth in homeschooling is the socialization myth. As long as you are involved in the community, church, volunteering opportunities and so on, you will be around way more people than anyone stuck at school for at least 8 hours a day as well as segregated into same age class rooms. You have the freedom to pursue things that interest you and figure out what will be the best course of study for your future plans. If you want some solid studies on the whole "socialization myth" check out this article: http://learninfreedom.org/socialization.

Check out Home school laws for your state at www.hslda.org.

Oh, by the way. Remember you are a teen! That means hormones and such. You are going to have mood swings and feel bad, its all part of growing up. It is only a phase, you will get through it!
If you have a hard time being around people, you should spend a lot of time around people. If you close yourself in at this young age you'll be a hermit as an adult.

High School is supposed to be miserable. Rent the movie "Little Miss Sunshine". That will explain it more fully.
Get some professional help for your depression. Don't give up on your school. Home schooling = social retard.
ull miss out on alot
No you need to face your problems, not run from them! You can't run your entire life! Change your attitude or whatever you have to, so you can enjoy being in High School and not run from what's bothering you!
You need to foster your social skills, especially if you struggle with them. And you can do that much better at school! Talk to a school counselor or teacher(s) you like/trust about how you feel - maybe they can suggest some ideas for you.
Homeschooling will not prevent your depression. It could even make it worse by isolating you from others your age. Talk to a Dr. about it.
you will have to face your fears and get it over with, homeschooling isen't as easy as you think =.=
Home schooling has the benefit of not having to deal with social and peer crap. The flipside is that dealing with those issue will better prepare you for life because peer issues and bs are a daily hassle for all of us. Better to learn and accept how to deal with it now than bounce around from job to job trying to find a safe haven.
I did homeschooling for a little while. You have to be very dedicated. And have alot of self discipline. I stop homeschooling because i got too lonely. Your parents have to be really involved. Homeschooling for me was a lot harder, but if you want a good education then homeschooling is the way to go.
If you feel more comfortable and someone is qualified to teach you then why not?

I wish I could have done it myself but what happens later? Are you susceptible to agoraphobia?

You will have to deal with similar situations in life and I suggest you tough it out for as long as you can.
Okay, so here's the thing, I went through home school my last two years of high school. I liked it in one sence, but on the other hand, I didn't. I'm not too sure on your situation at home, but homeschooling will not solve the problem. If depression is the issue, deal with that. However, you might find that being by yourself to figure things out is the best thing. In this case, as long as you are self motivated and have that goal to finish, this just might suit you. Keep in mind, you will not get the "extras" that you normally would in a school setting. If that means nothing to you, then just try homeschooling.
Hope this kinda helps!
Try on line high school. Most of them charge $400 and if you can really bang out some classes from home, since you will not have the distractions of the normal high school, you can complete this in about 1 year!

Here is a list of the best on-line high schools:


Traditional home schooling is a headache. You still have to go in and get tests graded, you have to go in and meet with councilers, etc.

All you really get out of is the classroom setting.

I have to metntion that you need to take education searously. If you simply breeze through the on-line classes, you may get a diploma, but you will not be ready for the workforce or college. The on-line classes have the potential to teach you everyting you need to know, but It's up to you on how much you want to learn.
Well you had better talk to your mom, she is most likely the one who would be teaching you. If she says no then that's it.

Homeschooling is great as far as the one on one attention. I homeschooled my daughter last year and she loved it at first. Then she realized that I was a harder teacher than the school was. So hard in fact that when we moved and she started at the new school, she is ahead of the other kids!
Good luck!
The good points to staying in a regular school are...
You have the chance to meet people and develop good friendships in school. Some of these friends can be people you will know and love all your life.
Life requires certain skills to get along. It is not always pleasant learning these skills. But if you are exposed to rude people and bullies you will learn strategies for coping with them and that will help you in later life. You can learn how to look for the best points that people have, and how to encourage them. You can be exposed to classes that will offer you the chance to acquire new skills and new tastes--you may find some physical education class that you really like, maybe you will love playing basketball or tennis, who knows?
I think a lot of parents do a good job with home schooling, but part of the growing up process is separating from parents and becoming your own individual. You always love them, but you are your own person, not a xerox copy of them. Rebellion is a stage, it is an important stage, but it should always be taken as a stage and not a permanent state, it is important in forming the individual as distinct from the parent.
Anyway, I would stay in regular school, you will have to adjust to a lot of situations in life and regular school gives you the opportunity to learn how to do so. Good luck!!
You're going to have to enter the public eventually. If you think the things that started your depression are from dealing with large groups of people, its probably better to deal with it in a high school setting than a college or professional setting. If the depression is not caused by interacting with the larger world, and is something where you would be more ready to deal with it in a few years, then you might do better homeschooling.

Keep in mind that while High School is a sort of crazy clique ridden land with bizarre social conventions not seen elsewhere, most of your eventual coworkers will have learned how to interact in a society by surviving high school and learning various methods of social interaction there.

If you do not learn those skills, and plan on joining the workforce, it could be as damaging or more so to wait until you are in the workforce to begin to learn those skills. Again though, if that is not the issue, but something else entirely, or you don't plan on doing something with your life where you will need to interact or work with large numbers of people then you may be better off homeschooling. I have a cousin who doesn't like interacting with others, and so have a very tight knit group of friends, and has a priority of finding jobs wherein she doesn't need to interact with other people at all.
I'm Homeschooled! If you like to be on the computer You will like progressacademy.com!! And if you want to do books you should look at abeca
I went to a regular school from Kindergarten through 7th grade. The last year of regular school (7th grade..my first year of junior high) was the worst year of my life. It started out great..but towards the middle of the year I have no clue what happened but all my friends turned on me. They got this "We're better than everyone" attitude and wouldn't even talk to me. I got so depressed--not because they weren't talking to me, but because I didn't know why they weren't talking to me. I was terrified to go to school everyday because I knew the minute I got there I would feel like crap and would spend the whole day trying to keep myself from crying or calling home.

I begged my parents to let me switch schools or homeschool me. Since the other schools around here weren't great, they decided to homeschool me. It was the best thing that ever happened.

I can tell you it's not "running away from your problems" like others on here have said. I wasn't running away--I was putting it in the past and moving on. Now that I'm homeschooled I don't have to worry about all the crap that goes on in public schools. I have such a better life now--I've moved on, made new friends, learned new things about myself that I didn't know before because school was holding me back.

I'd definitely look into homeschooling if I were you.

I absolutely love it. Its weird----I'm learning more than I ever did at regular school but I have soooooo much free time too! School only takes a few hours and then I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. I have time to go places, do things, take up more hobbies, and I have more time for friends. Look into it...never hurts to try new things.
i have been homeschooled all my life, and sounds like what your going through, maybe a year of homeschooling would help you. you wouldn't get to see your friends as much, but kinda sounds like you almost need a break from them!
Ignore what everybody says about homeschooled kids being 'social retards' or 'taking the easy way out' or 'you have to face your fears and get over it.' Sometimes staying away from your fear or whatever is making you depressed is sometimes the only way to go.

While I'm not afraid of school or depressed by school I have always had a deathly fear of needles. Everybody told me how I should just poke myself with a needle to get over it, but it never worked because I wasn't even able to pick up the needle. Now I am so much better with dealing with needles because I just took a break and gave myself time. Sometimes all you need is alittle time to clear your head an think things through.

If your going to be very dedicated to your work and your parents are willing and ready to homeschool you then GO FOR IT! Don't let anybody stand in your way because it's not their desicsion, it is yours. Nobody should have to live day in and day our in fear, depressed, upset or confused. Isn't it better to get away from what is causing you to feel this way instead of continuously going back and risking making yourself do things that you may later regret?

Homeschooled kids are NOT 'social rejects' in anyway. I was homeschooled until 4th grade and if anything I was more social at the time. I always played with my siblings and cousins. I was in a swim class for about 2 years, on a tee-ball team for 2 years, I attended (and still do attend) dance classes, I was in a gym class at a local YMCA for homeschooled children, I was friends with alot of my mothers friends children. Now that I'm in school I barely have time for any of that. My life is basically school, homework, dance classes...in that order...repeat. Plus highschool is NOT all about socializing. Alot of people run around saying how public schools are important for socialization. Yes that might be important but I think everybody here is forgetting what highschool was originally made for.EDUCATION!

If your going to get a better education by being homeschooled and your going to be happier then do it! If all else fails and you don't like it then there is nothing stopping you from going back to public school in the middle of the year.

and for everybody who calls homeschooled children 'social rejects' you all should be ashamed. I hope you all realize the holocaust happened all because Hitler couldn't except different people. It's pathetic and sad that you all have to come on here and completely bash on people who don't lead lifestyles that are exactly like yours. If you don't believe in homeschooling then that's fine. Your intitled to your own opinion, but you could atleast try not to be rude about it. Apparently your parents never taught you politeness, manners, common courtesy and logic. I'm not trying to be rude, so if you take this the wrong way then I am sorry. But it really just ticks me off to see that people have to cut people down just for being different.
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