For all ladies to answer?

Question:expalin in detail whens the last time you stepped on a bug and explain how yous tepped on it?

not only are you a creepy, cruel fetishist, you're too cheap to pay to indulge yourself. loser.

and why on Earth are you asking this in Home Schooling?
I don't step on bugs cause the crunch under my feet and it grosses me out, so i take my shoe off and I wap it really hard!
I usually get my 9yo son to do it, lol...I've even paid him on occasion, if it's a particularly nasty looking one :-)
Bad karma. I usually pick them up and release them outside.
LOL. What a question! I guess really the correct answer would be that we are constantly stepping on micro-scopic bugs if not the big ones... and most of the time we don't even realize it! Personally, I think bugs are a little gross... Hey, has anyone ever stepped on one that they were aware of, in BARE FEET? Now THAT ought to bring some interesting stories, and more interesting memories to some!

What a question, though! My goodness!
wat?get a life, nd stop butchering bugs will u!!
I don't step on bugs I let them go there are Gods creatures
What a wanker, go on make your day and accuse me of abuse.

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