Do your *parents* have to be the ones to home school you?

Question:I'm having problems at my school. I would like to be homeschooled, but both my parents work and we can't afford for either of them to quit their jobs. I was wondering if it was possible for someone else to homeschool me. My sister is a stay at home mom and I was wondering if she could do it?

It depends on your state law whether your sister could "legally" homeschool you... but regardless, your sister *could* do it, and your parents would just have to comply with whatever the law is, putting together a portfolio and bringing you for evaluation or whatever. In many states, the state has no regulation for homeschoolers whatsoever, so the families can do what's best for them.

Depending on your age (you write clearly and well, so I'm going to assume you're at least 12/13/14 years old), you might be able to just do your work on your own, Of course it would be nice to have some supervision and companionship during the day, but it might work out for you to get your assignments and get them done while your parents are at work.

You will want to get together with other homeschoolers, most likely... if your parents/sister can join a support group, then you can participate with that, if you want to. Or maybe you have a friend who's alraedy homeschooling, and can bring you to activities, if you're interested in that.

Good luck! And congratulations on being proactive about your own education! :)
It depends on the state law. You can check on for your local laws.
It depends on where you live. You'd have to check the laws. Otherwise, yes, if your sister is willing. It sounds like you're old enough to work pretty much on your own, but it'd be good for you to be with someone rather than in an empty house!
It really depends on the state in which you live. Yes your sister could help you, but legally your parents are responsible for you.
Depends on state law and program. Your parents can supervise at night and grade things, so that might work. So long as there is an adult around in the daytime that may work, but if the state says it can't be that way then that's how it is.

But in many programs parents don't do the teaching. It's done from the virtual or the program materails and tests you must send back each week.
Your parents don't have to be home with you to homeschool.

They can set up your assignments and while they are at work you can do them. If you need help learning something then you can have them help you when they get home. This is what my cousins did.

This is actually a really great way to homeschool because you have your assignments all planned out and you have all day to do them. It might seem weird to do your work without having someone teaching you, but it's actually better in some cases because you can teach yourself which means you can learn it the way that is easiest for you.

There are also online schools. This is like public school only you're at home. You watch a teacher online and do your work while at home.
Well if your mom or dad are home for at lest 5 hours at a time they can do it. But if your sisters wants to she can but she would need to be good at school and git good grades . My mom home schools me and she told me all this so go a head and try . good luck p.s. I git all A's and they wanted me to git up to 11 grade and I am 13.
of course not your parents dont even have to be in the same room ... im doing keystone high school .(yahoo it )

and my parents dont even get involved . its more like you teach your self kind of thing and you go to your teacher on the web and ask her for help .

my parents only get updates on what im doing .

so check it out !

keystone high school .

really cool homeschool program !
It depends on many things, for one your state requirements.
Several states do have the provision that only the parents, or legal guardians have the right to home school their children.

There are of course exceptions.
Check your state requirements, and laws at this web site:

Then there is the option of a virtual Academy, or public school at home.
Public schools sometimes offer a program to do the regular public school curriculum, and testing at home.
You would still be a public school student, and would fall under all the schools requirements, but you'd be at home.

This however is not "home schooling".
Home schooling would be where your parents decide the content of your curriculum, set the graduation requirements, the time, place and method of instruction, as well as function as you primary teachers/instructors.

Hope this helps a bit.

For lots of information on all forms of home schooling go to:

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