Does anyone have a child in a University Model School?

Question:We have a UMS school in our area. It sounds like a good balance of classroom (2 full days per week) and at home study for assignments etc.
Does anyone have children attending a school like this?

Seems pretty good. The only thing I saw lacking was Langauge Studies in the 9th grade. I think that should have continued, but if a child had done this in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade maybe it works. But I would have preferred to see it in 9th as well.

I also didn't see an foreign language options. WHen I went to secular private school they learned French in 4 and Spanish in 5.

I have yet to see any other school do that and I think it was beneficial.

I wonder if they REALLY ARE a university model, because that would be a plus.

A true university model emphesises indendent studies, work outside of classes and challenging views inside of classes with the backing of research.

The Math, Science and History descriptions seem quite thorough.

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