Arent our public school to involved in kids lives?

[quote]In the US, schools were designed by Horace Mann and Barnard Sears and Harper of the University of Chicago and Thorndyke of Columbia Teachers College and some other men to be instruments of the scientific management of a mass population.[/quote]

The whole purpose of public schooling IS (and always was) to provide the Establishment with a way of coming between children and their working class parents; to usurp the parent's authority and leadership in a child's life and replace those things with the authority and leadership of "society" - in much the same way, as in the past, the white man here forcibly removed mixed race kids from the indigenous communities so as to prevent them from growing up into 'savages' like their indigenous relatives!

Educated men and those in authority did not establish public schools to educate their own children; they established them to control other people's (predominantly working class) children. Mass schooling is (and always has been) all about social manipulation and social control. Why else do those who want 'compulsory schooling for all' repeatedly insist that only schools can possibly provide what it takes to 'socialise' children.

It's hardly about the education - literacy levels have actually FALLEN in countries like the US since the adoption of public schooling.
Are you kidding me! They are not involved enough...just like most parents now-a-days.

It's almost criminal how much we let kids get away with today; they have learned how to manipulate friends, family, teachers, laws and even the truth.

Kids need more authority, not less...why do you think they're sneaking guns to school and shooting people; having sex before they even know about what it is; drinking before they even get out of High School.

All the above problems and many, many more exist because we are less involved - you can thank the liberals for that one!
That is an interesting question. They seem to want to impress all sorts of opinions into children that may be contrary to the families wishes and yet somehow forget to teach them to read and write.
Yes. They teach them things that should be left up to the parents and fail to teach them how to read, write, and do math. They provide "counselors" to advise kids on personal matters that the parents should be informed of. They give medical advice to many parents by suggesting that the children be put on Ritalin.

Regardless of what a family believes, the school will hand out condoms, they take kids to abortion clinics, and help them get birth control pills, all without telling the parents. (And yet for some reason they need a parents signature to give a Tylenol tablet or take a kid to an art museum, makes no sense does it?)
Yes. Cradle to grave involved. They start trying to take children's interest and creativeness away from toddlerhood on. They start health programs that usurp parental authority and have all sorts of programs that do the same.
One of the reasons we pulled our kids from public schools is that they were trying to direct our children in ways they we didn't approve of. They would not let children use their imaginations in art and babied them constantly about serious issues like drugs and alcohol always giving it a fairy tale ending.
In many ways it seems as if they are over-involved. By this I mean they want to micromanage every minute, even those outside of school hours. It is almost as if they are afraid of allowing the kids to have any spare, unscheduled moments.
Absolutely, way to much.
Schools should be an extension of the home, not become the surrogate parent.
Even if they seem to think many parents do not educate their children on every issue they deem necessary, it is still the parents who have the right to direct the upbringing, and education of their children according to their beliefs, and values.

Many have abdicated that right to the schools, and as always if you outsource you may not always get what you had hoped for.
Absolutely. A friend of mine has a child that just started K just last week. Already, they had a person come in and talk about private parts and good feelings and bad feelings and the like. My friend was not notified in advance. Just to think that this happened in K is enough, but the first week of school, when the kids arent settled and dont really know their teacher or any other kids yet.

They have control over what goes into a childs mind 8 hours a day. I have no say as a parent in what happens in those hours. That is just scary.
Is the question are they too involved in kids' lives or are they to involve kids into life? Your wording is confusing.
I'll answer both questions. No, they are not too involved in kids' lives because the teachers go home to their own families at the end of the day. If they were involved with the kids' lives, they would take the kids with them.
Are the schools to involve the kids into life? They probably should but they don't. They have their own little community of age grouped classes. The kids learn more from other kids than they do from their teachers. Most of these things they learn from other kids will need to forgotten and relearned with different set of rules after they reach maturity and find out how the real world operates.

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