How many years have you been homeschooling?

Question:This is my 3rd year of homeschooling! And I love it.

This is my 4th year and I only have 3 more to go with my oldest! Cherish every moment, even the stressful ones. It goes so fast!
Five years.
or is it fifty?
Some days it's hard to tell the difference.
*sigh* it will be over before I know it.
we are starting our 8th year. It is certainly hard at times but I am thrilled with my children's behavior and their academic success. Everywhere we go people go on and on about how great our kids are and that they are such a joy to talk to.

Have a great year!
This is my 13th year of teaching my kiddoes. I have 11 more to go after this. It goes too quickly.
1 year and now starting my 2nd year.
Third year here as well, and I do love it.
This will be my second year homeschooling my son. So far it's going good.
I'm starting my 4th year - and loving every minute!

Well, maybe not EVERY minute, lol...but almost!
We're starting our 5th year.
I was only homeschooled part time as a adjunct.

I did a lot of hobby unschooling, however. Tons of it. Most of what I am came from that.
We have entered our 4th year and look forward to many more years.
Official "registered with the state" homeschooling? 4 years
What I call "Our home as a Learning Place"? Well, when I was expecting my son 9+ years ago I put an alphabet chart around the wall of his nursery and we mapped out the constellations in glow-in-dark stickers on the ceiling and put a numbers 1-20 chart over the changing table :) so I say 9 years!
Five years. Sometimes it feels like fifty (ditto Terri) - though sometimes it feels like about 5 mins! I will say one thing tho - not a moment of those five years has been dull! :-)
Almost 9 years so far, and it's been great.

It is an interesting year for us, as our oldest is 17 and this is her last official year homeschooling, while our youngest is 6 and this is his first official year.
Personally, I've been doing homeschool for 11 years. My parents have been home educating us for the past 20 years. Home educating the kids in my family goes back as far as 1901 when my great, great grandparents arrived here from Europe.

I've been homeschooling since my boys were 4 years old. They are now 14. So I guess that's 10 years. LOL
Well officially we are going into our fourth year as registered homeschoolers.

Unofficially - my eldest daughter is 8 1/2 - so I'd say 8 1/2 years. :)
We're coming up on our 12th year!!

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