How many kids are you homeschooling? What grades are they in?

Question:I am homeschooling 2 kids & 1 adult(me) ;o):

1) 8th grade
2) 3rd-4th grade

I HS one DS, who is 9 and doing 4th-8th grade.

My DD, who is 7, is in public school.
1. 3 yrs preschool
2. 7 yrs 2nd grade
3. 9 yrs 3rd grade
4. 10yrs 6th grade
5. 14yrs 9th grade
1. 12th grade
2. 5th grade
3. 1st grade
2nd year homeschooling myself. :)
One 10th grader, one 5th grader, two 4 year olds(kindergarten), a 3 year old(preschool) and a 15 month old.(well...he tries)
technically six kids...
My favorite part of homeschooling has been spending more time with my kids, but the next one has to be how I've been able to immerse myself in all the knowledge that I refused in public school. yay me!
and one toddler following us all around
I homeschool my one and only, who's starting 5th grade :-)
one four year old who's technically pre school but reads fluently, starting to spell, and working at a K / 1st grade level in math...the plan is what comes next after what he's mastered, not worrying about grade level.

we unschool, but he likes workbooks, and we do brief sessions of structured stuff.
I homeschool my only child, my 9 year old son. We are year-round unschoolers. I tell him say whatever he feels like when people ask what grade he is in. He usually just says 'I'm homeschooled and I'm 9' and leaves it at that.
I homeschool 1 child. A 9yr old daughter who entered 3rd grade this term (we homeschool year round).

I also started a homeschool group since the only one in our area was pitiful. So things are NEVER quite and we are always on the go.
3 kids 11th grade, 5th grade, and Pre-k.
My dad has homeschooled 3 kids.

1. Me, 14 yrs. old, homeschooled for 4 years, going to public high school this year (to see if I would want to go back public school or return to homeschooling)
2. My sister, 8 yrs. old, going into 4th grade.
3. My brother, 6 yrs. old, going into the 1st grade
2 kids, 5th and 2nd
I have 3 kids. Two will be going in to 8th grade and one into 6th.
I am homeschooling 2 -

My oldest is 14 and starting her sophomore year and the other is 12 and doing 7/8 grade work.

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