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Question:We are looking into homeschooling, and I am concerned that my own lack of math skills will hold my son back. Even though I have a college degree, I always struggled in that area. What are some ways that people have supplemented what they are doing to help in an area where a child excells naturally? I am seeking a math tutor in this area, but are there other things I can do?

For "higher level" math, most programs assume the parent has little to no math background and are geared for "self-teaching". Programs like Teaching Textbooks (which just introduced their 6th grade program) have CDs and DVDs that the student can watch or use to learn. Saxon (a highly-revered math program) has D.I.V.E. CDs that have instruction, and solutions manual with the problems completey worked out (not just final answers). Some programs, like Math U See have online and/or phone support.

Another option is a co-op. If you're in an area that has many homeschooling families, there may already be a network of families working together in a co-op. Some co-ops even hire professional teachers. You could also check with the local private schools to see if they allow homeschoolers to take classes on an a la carte basis.

Then again, you might benefit from going through the material again yourself. I have learned so much because I've had to learn it in order to teach it. A lot of people who think they aren't good in math were never really taught math, they simply learned when to use different formulas, not why.
You probably won't like my answer, but the best solution may be to send your son to school.

What is/are the reason(s) that you are looking into homeschooling?
The best thing to do is not "send your son to school", schools in this country produce some of the worlds lowest Math scores on international tests.

I am weak in math too and I study ahead of my oldest.

Try Teaching Textbooks http://www.teachingtextbooks.com...
Hello. I have taken various Advanced Placement and College Prep. math classes through out high school including everything form Pre-Algebra to AP Calculus, and if you would like a tutor feel free to add me onto your messenger. I'm going to be a college freshman in a month with a major in Pre-Medicine & a minor in spanish. If you think I could be of help please add me, and I will do everything I can to help. My addy is JensenaAnne@yahoo.com! Good Luck to you with whatever you decide! :)
I really liked the Saxon Math Program, it was very easy to understand and teach, actually my nephew found it easy to start new lessons on his own. I liked the solid base the program provided as well as the confidence the program instilled in the student.
Never fear. I also am personally weak in math to the point of phobia. (and also a college graduate) Homeschool math, and we use Horizon and Saxon, is quite easy because it does explain it gradually and you just have to work up to it with your kids and learn it with them. I will probably switch to Teaching Textbooks or send them to a community college at some point but so far, so good, to the grade 8 level anyway. I'm sure you'll do just fine.
For elementary and middle-school math, you should be able to follow along well enough to help and correct papers. If you build a really solid foundation to start with, high school math should be manageable. We used CLASS (Christian Liberty www.homeschools.org) for homeschool, and while I never took advantage of it, they do have online Algebra help.

If you know another homeschooling family with a teenager that's really good in math, you could ask him/her to help (maybe for a a few dollars an hour!). I helped my friend through Advanced Math (Pre-Calc) and she survived =D

In any case, don't worry. There are plenty of resources out there -- people, webpages, math help books, whatever. Sometimes all it takes is doing a problem over and over to "get" it (why I liked Saxon books), sometimes it takes reading the material (or other books on the subject) over and over (college math), and sometimes you'll get it all on the first try.

Have fun!
We've tried Saxon Math and loved it the first year. After that, it was BORING. And there really is no help other than the book. We've switched to Math U See. It comes with a cd of an actual math teacher who teaches each lesson. I can watch the videos over and over (if needed) until I understand it so I can teach my children. They also watch the video and then we do the practice lessons. It's very hands on, and you actually see the math happening in front of you. It's amazing. Some of the things I've learned have blown me away. Sure never learned them in public school. I just memorized the answers and didn't really know how I got there. Now I do, and my kids do. I highly recommend Math U See!

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