Anyone know of any legitament work from home jobs?


this is the homeschool section. You would probably have much better luck in a different section.
but if you have a question about homeschooling, ask away.
Jobs for teenagers or adults (parents)??

As a homeschool parent I understand why you ask here, but the only legit work from home jobs I have been able to find are those I create for myself. I am a freelance writer, I make crafts to sell, I babysit, I tutor, in addition I run a housekeeping business ( I used to have employees, but no one was ever reliable so now its just me).
As I see it - you can go on 2 options -
One - work that will pay you immediatly and no out of pocket..
For those - I will recommend to fill surveys and participate in online focus groups..
More details -

The other option - with more profit for the long run..
I can suggets 2 good programs:

One -
they will pay you minumum $50 for giving away free electronics: (free to join)
more details here -
Second -
They will give you a .ws site and for each one you are bringing under you -
they will pay you 10% for lifetime.. (free trial)
more details here -

Good luck
I’m an 18 year old college student and a soon to be mom. I work about 15 hours per week for a National Medical Benefits Company. I have been with the company for only 4 months and am now making over $2000 a month! I started off making about $400 my first month, $800 my second and now I am up over $2000. With this company you do make residual income so your income increased each month! Also if I continue on as I am going at the end of the year I will be making $5000 a month. My friend Becky started 2 years before me. She is now making $95,000 a year.

The best part is they have 401(k), direct deposit and a benefits package. In addition, there are no products, no selling, no cold calling and no telemarketing!

I absolutely love working with them and I can't believe I am making what I am making and in so few hours per week. The neat thing is there are other people on your team that you work with so you are never alone. The support is great but I have made wonderful friends as well. I think that’s important too!

I was scared at first because I know a lot of companies are not legit but this company is the number one National Medical Benefits Company in the US. They are a member of the US Chamber of Commerce. Also they were featured in “The New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal” and the “American Medical Review”. Even “60 Minutes” did a big special on them! Even more then all this is they are accepted at over 100,000 retailers nation wide. These are fortune 500 companies like Sears, Target, Walgreen’s, CVS, Wal-Mart and more. These companies would never work with a company that was any thing less then reputable. That made me feel very good about working with them!

I just felt very safe with them…. that and my friend was already making so much money with them!

Check them out! Just type in in your web browser.

Try it. It will help U.

Best of Luck.
Hope these job websites can help you.
Doing an online business requires a lot of work and some initial research. And yes, working from home is very easy. I can't stress enough the importance of starting out with something you really enjoy doing yourself - if you enjoy it, you'll be willing to put time into making it unique, which will lead to success on its own.There are actually<!--lot of ways to earn money from Internet. But I am going to explain you the 6 simple ways to earn money from net You can work part time and earn money. Working from home these days are so simple. Also, if you become a freelancer you can earn more money working from home. Please vist the site for more information.

Empowerism can help you get started with an online business. They provide full training, and have a turnkey marketing system that can't be beat.Work from home and-->make money online. The Best Part Is that there is NO INVESTENT. Hope this helps you.
Check out and sign up for more info!
This is what I do & I love my job! (and I'm successful!)


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