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Question:Well , I'm 14 and going into High School but , I've been homeschooled since the 3rd grade . I'm not sure if I should head into public school now or wait a year because I know it will be hard on me not going to public middle school . I am asking for advice on what I should do because I am at a loss .

Well, I am not going to offer commentary on your choice, ok.
Do you not know anyone in your area that attends the school? If you do, talk to them and get to know them a little better.
My opinion is waiting another year isn't going to make it easier or increase the amount of people you know at the highschool.
If you seriously want to go to public school, and your parents are prepared to do this, then go ahead and go now. This will give you an opportunity to get to know some people, plus you can begin working on your diploma program and not have to worry about transfer credits or anything.
And remember, most highschools take in students from several area middle schools, so no one is going to know everyone.
Just be friendly, open and discerning.
Had to add this. I'm sensing your difficulty is not because you are not socialized, it is because you do not know anyone at the school. I wanted to point out there is a difference. big changes like that are nerve wracking for anyone in any situation. Lots of kids entering that school are going through the same thing you are right now and they have not been homeschooled. Remember that.
You should go ahead and go to public school now. The longer you put it off, the harder it will be for you to adjust. You need to start getting used to being around other people your age, socializing, learning to make friends, etc. Otherwise it will be a problem for you later on.
go for it
u should go 2 public school. anyway theres gonna b a bunch of people from outta state that wont no anyone either. and if u start no itll be easier cuz ull b a frshman and have started at that school and not b new the second year i bet itll b easier starting no then next year.
I would strongly suggest that you go to public high school or (charter, private etc.) My knowledge of homeschooling (my daughter has been doing homeschooling with my grandson) I am a graduate from University of Illinois, in education.

According to recent studies, homeschooling is not recommended past the 8th grade, homeschooling past the 8th grade will hamper your ability to socialize (learn communication skills, there are many activities and interaction with other students of diverse backgrounds at the high school lever) that will help you later when you go to university or college (strongly recommend) because, you will not be able to survive in this society without a degree. You have to be able to shift and be flexible in a fast changing world.

Talking about shifting, check this site, it will give you some idea of what is happening in the world.
I suggest going to public school now. It's the perfect oppurtinity. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. The first year of high school is when you start meeting new friends (people who went to different middle schools).

Not everyone knows everyone in high school, especially the first year. If you decide to wait a year it'll probably be harder to make friends and to transition to the public school way of things.
This is really a personal decision. I wouldn't trade homeschooling for public school.
PRobably better to wait and go into Highschool as a Freshman.

You would be going into a Senior class in which everyone is already in a Clique and knows each other. You will be a senior who is treated like a scrub.

Wait a year and get Scrub treatment along will all the other Middle Schoolers

If you are in a city, half those middle schoolers will get sent to different high schools so the cliques will end there.

Plus the High School kids already have their cliques established.

PLUS it will give you another year to get up to snuff

Biology 1
Foreign Lanugage
Advanced World History
English Grammar and Comp

Are you familiar with styles like APA. A lot of schools are teaching APA becuse Colleges like it.

So you can use the extra year to get ready and then go in a FODDER equal with the rest of the Middle Schoolers

If you're going to be at a disadvantage, be at an equal one!
I can't resist asking, why go to high school at all?

Are you sure you want to trade the opportunity to study at your own pace and in your own way for a rigid, standardized classroom in which much of your time will be wasted with busywork and classroom management?

Are you sure you want to give up the freedom to spend time with the people you choose, when you choose to, and be stuck in a relentlessly judgmental high-school social scene in which you have to encounter the same jerks and bullies *every day* and be ranked in a shallow-minded hierarchy of popularity? (People will no doubt tell you that the high school social scene is "preparation for the real world." Well, trust me, the "real world" of adult life is NOTHING like high school--and thank goodness for that!)

Do you think you need to go to high school because you want to go to college, or to a good college? A lot of people still think that homeschooling as a high schooler will be a disadvantage in this area... But the colleges themselves have learned better. Homeschoolers have no trouble with college admissions, and some top schools actively seek them.
I think you will really like it, you will meet alot of people from different backgrounds. You are also lucky because you get a new start and you arent going to school with already a bad reputation, you havent made enemies or friends so you neutral which is just right. My advice is on your first day, say hi to everyone (even people you would never talk to) I know you'll be nervous but dont hide in a shell, try to meet and talk to new people.If you have a hobby like sports, math, music, e.t.c join a club, band, choir, volleyball, cheerleading, soccer, drama club, chess club, math club, student council, e.t.c even if you havent tried those stuff and you have a bit of interest give it a try you might just like Keep your composure, if your first day is a complete nightmare dont go beserk just try to go with the flow and make friends instead of enemies.

I think this is your perfect time to go public school because you are just a freshman
You asked in the homeschool section, so understand that the responses encouraging public school are probably going to get thumbs down votes. That doesn't mean that public school is the wrong choice for you. It means you are probably asking the wrong people.

So far, your parents have provided your education. What do they say? Those are the people to ask, because they know you far better and care about what happens to you FAR MORE than any strangers who may write you in EduQnA.com. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your parents.

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