Can someone help me with this quesition, college starts next week and Im doing some sample questions.?

Question:Here it is.
Area and volume calculations:

The bed of a pickup truck is 3.5 feet deep' 12 feet long, and 5 feet wide. What is the area of the bed's floor? What is the volume of the bed?

Thanks :)

Im not sure about my answer but i think the area of the bed's floor is:60 and the volume is:210
to find area it's: lengthxwidth
and volume is: lengthxwidthxheight
i think:

length times width times height is volume.
I dont want to do the problem for you but that is the formula.
The area of the bed's floor would be length X width. The volume of the bed would be length X width X depth. did you get into college...this is like simple geometry...which you should have passed in like 8th grade. It's simple geometric formulas.
area of the floor is length times width. Volume is length times width times depth.

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