Are the people accountable to the government or the government accountable to the people?

Question:This is the true question in the fight for homeschool freedom.

The government should be accountable to the people. You are right; this is the true question in the fight for homeschool freedom. In theory, people should be glad that so many families are bearing the expense of educating their own children as this saves the government money. However, because some people can not or will not take responsibility for educating their own children, they get angry/hostile toward others who do.

I have only been homeschooling for about a year, and generally speaking, have not had negative comments made to me about homeschooling. I had to educate one young lady (a college early education major) who question me about whether homeschooling was legal and asked if school officials needed to come and do a home check to see if I had all the necessary things to homeschool, i.e., desk, books, teacher certification, etc. Many U.S. citizens are so used to the government doing things for them, they simply can't imagine someone taking the initiative to educate their own child(ren).

Homeschoolers must continue to fight the good fight of faith for homeschool freedom. I am definitely a solder in the army.
In theory, government is accountable to the people.

In practice, government is a parasitic monster that is greedy for all the power it can get. That's why government "educrats" usually fight homeschoolers tooth-and-nail.

Keep up the good fight!
The government is accountable to the people in a democracy. Democracy means, of the people, by the people, for the people. The government is chosen by the people to do their bidding. The democratic system can not function unless all voters not only vote, but are intelligent and knowledgeable AND they hold their representatives responsible. So in other words it doesn't work. The government is corrupt and short sighted because the electorate is corrupt and short sighted. A democracy can be no better or worse than the people who elect it. A little off topic: "The Astronaut Farmer" was not really a good story of itself, but it did illustrate the homeschooling philosophy and battle very well. It should be watched just for that aspect.
What a wonderful question! It kind of says it all, doesn't it?

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