Free placement test for High School?

Question:I will be homeschooling my son this year and I was wondering if there is a free online placement test for high school. I would like to know what he already knows and what I need to be teaching him this year. He will be in the 9th grade.

ACE has a free test go to under Lighthouse Christian Acedemy and look for the link for the test. Good Luck! We love homeschooling!
I don't quite have an answer for you (sorry), but wanted you to know that I'm in the same boat as you (except my son will be in 10th). It's all so overwhelming at times, huh? Thanks.good question!!
Free, no because these tests need to be interpreted, and compared to the national average, or those taking the same test at the same level.

A inexpensive alternative is the CAT; you do not need a teaching degree to administer it as you do with the IOWA basic.
This test is available from Christian Liberty Press for about $22.00
You give your child the test, send it back, and they will provide you with the scores, and curriculum recommendations if you like.
You request the test at the grade level he/she is entering.
Here is the link:

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