Any suggestions on where to find used textbooks for high school subjects?

Question:I'm looking for used or inexpensive textbooks for my highschooler. I'm not looking for Christian-based books though. Basically something I can just open up, understand, and teach from.

This is our first time homeschooling. We're used to the public school's way of teaching/learning, so we thought we'd stick to teaching that way since he's "comfortable" with it. Once we become more familiar (if that's possible...there's so much info out there) with everything that is involved with curriculums, we may change our approach. But for now, this will work for us.

We started home schooling in the 8th grade and our approach was much like your approach. We have found many text books at the Goodwill Store and Salvation Army store. The only drawback to these is that they do not come with the teacher's book with answers and ideas. We have found that we can do search online for topics in the book and find more sources and updated information from the Internet.
Check with your local home school support group and see if they have a used book sale.
EBay does have text books. They have a rule that they cannot sell the teacher's books. They have a fear that public school students would get one in their hands and cheat. (I work in the public school and copying papers on lunch break is a big part of the 20 minute lunch break.) Ebay users have found a way to get around the rule so look for notes on the ads that tell about 'other books of interest'. This will be the teacher's books or solution/answer books.
Also, many of the bigger publishing companies have websites with much of their text from the books online. Some have interactives for various subjects.
Technology has made home schooling easier than it was 10 years ago.
Best of luck to you.
If you know what you want Ebay is a good place to start, especially this time of year.
if he is comfortable with public school, then why is he not in public school?
Maybe Half-Price books?
Try Ebay - they have some of everything. Or, you can try

1) Craigs List has people offering free stuff AND stuff for sale.
2) is awesome. You can post things you are looking for in your area and you can search through posts of things people are giving away. It's all free!
Try looking on ebay or amazon.
try the Goodwill store or the Salvation army or even the thrift stores...
Try Paperback Swap:

Or Homeschool Buy:

Or VegSource:
Go with HS Mom's suggestions, e-bay doesn't allow sale of the teacher's editions, which you will likely need, but the sites she lists should have a good collection.
Check eBay.

Try doing a search for "used homeschool curriculum"--if you keep in the quotes, the results will be better.

Find all the local support groups you can and ask them if they have curriculum sales. Also, many will allow you to post 'want ads' or wtb's--wanting to buy.,, are all my favorites.

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