Question:Hey,..I am gonna be homeschooled for highschool,and I just want some info...Can anyone tell me some good homeschooling programs?? just give me any info that you know to help me. Thanx guys! :)

ps:and please dont give any negative remarks about how homeschooled kids are freaks,cuz most of my friends are homeschooled and they are pretty darn awesome!!Dont spread the hatred...

dude, i'm homeschooled too (sophmore) and have been all my life, and all my friends are homeschooled and they are really cool too! so no negative things there (actually none at all). but you can look stuff up on the internet for activities in your area for homeschoolers. also talk to some of your friends! if they've been homeschooled for a long time, then they'll probably know where to find some of the things your looking for. and if not them, their parents...
If you are in the process of being home schooled, it would be good for you, and your parents to sit down together, so you can discuss what direction you would like to see your education go.

Our children finish an average high school program in about 2 years when they take their time, and then decide to go to work, and take college classes.
Working gives them many new learning opportunities, and they are able to put money away for a car, and a four year college.
They get a head start by taking college classes during this time, and having these credits transferred.

A pretty extensive web site that gives plenty of information on all types of home schooling, methods, and has links to curriculum providers as well is:

For all the states requirements, and laws visit:

For a history, statistics, testing, and all around comprehensive information on home schooling visit:

Good luck.
Busymom got it right again. (smile)
Do research on the different types of home schooling. This could be your first home school project. Discuss with your parents what and how you want to learn.
I'm really proud of you for taking a stand and being willing to be homeschooled. At this point you can choose from a variety of curriculums. You could choose Abeka if you would like a strong academic Christian based curriculum or you can see if your local High School has an online program that you can participate in. You might want to ask your friends what they use, sit down with them to get a feel for what their curriculums are like.
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Back again, I live in Florida and when the storms start rumbling God help you! The lightning was snapping real close and the thunder was immediately behind it. Yikes!

I wish you all the best!

The hate you speak of is really jealousy and ignorance! Ignore it and do what your heart says is right.
HOME SCHOOLING. also has the following information available free of charge:
There are some great answers for homeschooling here, but I didn't see anyone throw in the unschooling idea. Seeing that you are already in high school, I'm sure you have the basics down. I think now is a great time to pursue what interests you.

There are many resources on the subject, but I recommend you find a copy of, "The Teenage Liberation Handbook". It's a great place to start. Any honest adult will tell you that they do not use 1/10 of what they learned in high school text books, probably even less. Try an apprenticeship in something that interests you, start a business, do some life learning!

Whichever road you choose, congratulations on choosing homeschool! Great decision!

And homeschooled kids are THE BEST!! good luck good program not in all areas check it out hey another k12 lover awesome homeschoolers at k12 are the best and hello from AZVA
i'm homeschooled. I am on Switched-on Schoolhouse program, provided by Valley Christian School in Washington (VCS-DELO). technically, it is not the traditional homeschool, but distance ed. program. You have a teacher assigned to you, who makes sure you dont fall behind the schedule, answers any of your questions, mails you report cards, etc. like in high school, you receive credits for the subjects, and when you are done, they mail you your high school diploma. go to if you wanna find out more.

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