How can i have fun at home?

t.v,invite friends over,movies,games,anything! just find ways to entertain yourself. I know it may be hard,but just try. hope this helps =)
I have this bad habit of asking a question as an answer. How can you have fun at school?
Take that answer and apply it to home.

Here are a few extra ones that you can do at home that you cannot do at school:
Play Xbox
Spend time on computer
Talk to friends on phone or online
Meet friends for lunch
Spend a day at friend's house
Watch TV
Spend time being creative

Only boring people will stay bored.
Is that your real name?
oh no. you just opened the bag for a whole bunch of suggestive or silly answers. And here they come.
sneak out and find a girl to hang out with if you know what i mean
How can you not have fun at home?

What are you doing? What are your interests? Try a new hobby. Go for a ride. Go for a swim. Read a good book. Invite a few friends over. Rent a DVD of a favourite TV show. Watch a funny DVD. Do some cooking. Have a go at an art project.

Ultimately the list of things you can do at home to have fun is endless. You just need to use your imagination a bit.
Ah, an age old dilemma.

By choosing too.

Having fun depends mostly on the attitude you have in approaching the things you, and your family, or friends have on your agenda's, as well as how you have communicated your likes and dislikes to your family so they can take these into consideration when planning activities, or family time.

If you are a teen it is very important to remember though that you are only "one" member of the family, and that at times you may have to put your own wants aside to allow each family member to have the same opportunities.

Another big factor is that most teens often forget that family comes first, before anything else, and although it is important to be with friends, often you may be able to invite them to join your family, or take a rain check.

We have movie with pizza nights, board game nights, outings like fishing, swimming, camping, BBQ's, park days with games for friends, and family.
You can also start a hobby, or a project with your mom, or dad to just have some extra one on one time.

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