Do actors have to be homeschooled?

Question:I know that most celebrities are homeschooled. But do they all have to be?

They don't have to be, but it makes it easier on the kids. They won't have to be bothered for autographs and such. It's just easier for them to get a good education without the media around them 24/7.
no, and that's not even true.
It depends. If they're working, that's usually during school hours.
Most of them aren't truly homeschooled - it's more like using private tutors on the sets. I guess they wouldn't have to be HS'ed if their schedules could be worked around shooting a movie/show.
No, but it makes it easier on them.
They don't have to be, but most celebs schedules don't fit in with the 8am - 3pm normal school day so they need to get their studies in when it is convenient for them and that usually means the teachers come to them for home schooling.
No some go to private schools. So go to real schools. I mean if you're a celeb you live in Malibu and it has nice schools filled with rich kids because the average home there is 4 million.

There is no Section 8 housing or Aparment Complex in most of Malibu. Zoning limitations. Condos and homes.

While working (in California) there has to be a studio teacher on the set between September and June, which is when most TV shows shoot.

I friend of mine supplies them, also the set Medics and set Security.

When you say homeschooled it is not quite the same as for most here. It's "governess" type thing in which the family hires someone with a BA degree who can teach them through Calculus.
Yes, a lot of celebrities are homeschooled but no, they do not have to be.

Whether they attend home, private, or public schools they all must have a "set" teacher when they are on set during the day during school years. There are also a lot of other requirements for child actors (my daughter acts/models, though she has yet to do anything 'big' as it is just a hobby for her).

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