I have a Chioce.?

Question:ok. so i am a homeschooler that is completely bored at home. i get bored of school, and i basically have no social life. the reason i dont have many friends is because i started homeschooling right after i move to florida. so only two girls that drink, and smoke live near me. i have a lot of friends in my tennis tournaments, but its no one i can see a lot, and no one that im really close with. i now have a choice if i wanna go t school, or stay homeschooled. i mean, i love homeschooling because of the obvious reasons, but im thinking if maybe i need a bit more friends. but its not only the friends im worried about, its the work. maybe i wont be able to handle the pressure, maybe im not smart enough, maybe itll take me too long to do the homework and i wont have any free time! please help!

im almost positive i can help with this one okay.i was homeschooled for 4 years before this year which i just went baq to school (im in 9th grade) and what i have to say is in school its more convienient to meet people but i do go to a 7000-8000 kid school so it cant be that hard,and i originally went to school because i wanted to meet more girls i never got bored at home because i played high school baseball and basketball at a Christina highschool .but now i see that im old enough to have a job and i could have still played highschool sports this year if i was homeschooled so in a way i regret going baq because its waaaay less freedom .there is many advantages and disadvantages about going to school if i was u id try it for like 1 month and see how u like it,but make sure that if u go to school and dont like it that ur parents will let u come baq.when i was homeschooled i kept busy with highschool sports wich they practice everyday and i went to a P.E class that had like 500 kids so that was nice but ur a girl so u might not be into sports as much ..i say since u have "no social" life go to school and if u dont like it dont stay trust me its not that hard im not a generally smart person and the work isnt that hard i mean im definitly failing in math no doubt but everything else i get c's and b's so its not that hard as far as work but about the time thing that u talk about yea u wont have near as much time for yourself and that will kill u cuz it almost did me in...because for me including the bus rides im gone 9 hours every single day and then i get 7 hours at home wich 1-2 hours im spoending on homework not to scare u just stating the facts...hope it helps (even though lately people on here have been complaining how horrible my english is) and update me and lemme know wats going on and yes pray about it
I would go to a public school, so you can become socialized again. I would meet with your counselor as soon as you start and let him or her know about your social situation, and see if they can help you adjust.
Is there a homeschool group near you that has resources for kids your age? I would really look into that before looking into school.

The groups in our area offer things like sports, co op classes, yearbook club, prom, graduation ceremonies, game nights (elementary, jr. high and high school), volunteer opportunities, and more - basically, all the extra-curriculars you'd get in school.

If you google the name of your city and "homeschool group", you're sure to come up with a few groups in your area. They may have websites that tell what they offer. Just have your mom get in touch with a few of them, and see what you think!

I think you'd be able to handle the classes in your local school...homeschoolers are generally ahead of public schools. Not always, but generally, because they can work at their own pace. But do you really want all that drama, and do you really want to learn at the pace of the lesson plan rather than according to your interests?
This is just my opinion, i attend a public school and personally i would not change it. I have been though a lot through out my years of schooling such as bullying but you do meet some wonderful people, as for the work it is just a matter of keeping up with it as long as you are up to date with all of your work you shouldn't fall behind. I have worked two different jobs, attended school done all of my homework and still gone out with my mates a lot yes, but it is just a matter a making time especially for yourself.
I would love to say "homeschool, homeschool, homeschool" but you are right...You Have a Choice to Make!

Do you pray? That is what I would do while deciding something that important.

Just promise me that if you do go to public school that you will NOT become "socialized" or "adjust".

It would be really sad to find out that there are now just 3 smoking and drinking girls in your area, instead of 2 of That kind and One Girl Making a Difference.
Since you love homeschooling, take the time to do other social things while you homeschool. There are undoubtedly homeschool groups near you. Search them out and DO something. Also, you COULD become closer to some of the girls at your tennis tournaments if you put in the effort to invite them over, maybe talk to them about an upcoming movie and get a conversation going about seeing it together, etc. Friends don't just "come" all the time; you've sometimes got to make the effort to really be a friend before you can make a friend.
Hun, the way to findout is to enroll in school and try it for a year.
I agree with some of these guys look for a home school group in your area. Also try a youth group at a near by church! I can completely understand being bored at home and with school. I think no matter what kind of school your in you'll eventually get bored with it. I can tell you from experience that when my nephew was sent to public school in Jr high his grade fell because he was too busy with "socializing". So don't get too concerned with those around you try to keep your head in your studies there will be time to make friends at lunch, between classes, or after school with all the activities offered.
Most kids at school drink and smoke and take drugs and have sex. So what will that do for you. If you don't fit in your don't fit in at home or in school.

What are you intending to do socialize in class instead of learn.

That leaves Lunch.

You don't think you or they will travel 4 miles on the bus to see you, do you.
Reality Check... school just provides more people, it doesn't guarantee an assortment of friends with similar values. There are many traditional school kids without anyone at school to truly call a friend despite all those kids. Mostly kids in a traditional school setting have acquaintances ,lots of them.. acquaintances and seasonal friends aren't really what you want. So get out and make some real friends that have similar interests (not just that they dislike a particular teacher or class).. Join some local groups, homeschool cooperative, homeschool class or after school activities. Consider 4-H, Rec. department activities, homeschool groups, volunteer so you can get out and about or join Scouting/Venturing. Good friends may take a while to meet and develop into friendships. Most of all, keep your academics and social time distinct and you can succeed in both areas.

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