7th grade homeschool?

Question:ok 1st year homeschooled...these are my classes are they all right? do i need more?

I am starting spanish in a co-op then buying the book from them to continue it.
Also I will be taking a phys. ed class but my foot is broke so right now I can't take that type of class.
Please do not say you need to do more work cause i need to work on grammer...i write much better than i type!!
Also how many field trips should i take a month?


Last year(7th grade for me) was my first year of homeschooling too. It seems like a lot to do all at once. Don't try to fit too much into your schedule because you get soo stressed out. But it sounds great, not too little.

I would combine reading, writing, spelling, vocab, and English(language arts) all in own lesson because they are so similar. But that's my personal opinion.

How many field trips should you take per month? Well, at the most, 4. One a week. But I would suggest 2 one month and 1 the next month. But I totally understand if you need to experience something to grasp the concept of it.

Sorry about your foot and I hope it feels better soon!!

Good Luck ;)
That sounds great to me. One or two field trips should do it. But remember you don't HAVE to follow a regimental course. Feel free to follow your interests as they present themselves.
Sounds great, if you do work on grammar integrate with you writing by studying specifically based on the mistakes you make. As far as PE, just do what you can until your foot heals, you could lift free-weights, or you could just wait until you are better.

Field trips are optional, but they are recommended because they keep things interesting, and give you a chance to get out and learn things you might miss in a book, for instance, if you are studying a specific artist in a book, you will likely only see works by that artist and possibly by the artists who most influenced him, but if you go to an art museum to see an artist's work, you will also see many other artist's work while you are there. One or two a month is good, but if you want to do more, go ahead.

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