Can anyone tell me?

Question:for ex. if i wanna find a particular thing like..there will be a booklet on animals and suppose i wanna find out about a special animal for ex. leapord, i wanna find some info about it...but i dont wanna refer to the index i just wanna type leapord and i will get all the info about it....i asked a guy he said u will hv to install a scanner software other than that is there any other way? plzzzzzzzz heeeelp

Let me see if I understand this correctly, you need to learn how to use computer search engines for research?

This web link will give you the definition, and a link on how to learn to use them.

These are several search engines to "surf" the web.
All you have to do is type in your keyword in the search area; if you get to many, narrow the search by using more, or less key words.
Yahoo search
MSN search
Alta Vista
All these are already on the net, and you need no special computer software.
go to google and put "leapord"
If you are talking about an actual physcical booklet then the quickest way to search is through the index, that is why it is there. and "booklet" means small book, so it's not like thumbing through The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire.
Even if you are talking about e-books, the same rule applies.
Embrace the index, hon, it is your friend.
Now if you are wanting to pull info off the net, just type in exactly what you want, no scanning software required.
just u visit and type leopard
then a page will and u click on that icon which u wanna know about
go to google and type in leapord frog
get assistance from google search that will really benefit you
google z always there.
I have done the job easier for you.
just copy paste the below mentioned link in your browser & go

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