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Question:I need help. I Homeschooled year round for 2 and a half years and finished all mandatory classes for a public school student and graduated at age 17. Now i attend college. I got in but i have to take a few remedial classes. 9 months ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She is worried that if anything should happen to her i will drop out and not be able to get a job because i have no diploma or G.E.D. I don't know weather i need to go through the trouble of getting a diploma or G.E.D. or stay in college. If i were to apply for a job would i put that i graduated or not. If i do do i need proof that i graduated or what?? I don't know if some could look into this for me it would be greatly Apreciated

If you graduated, then you should have a diploma. In most states you can just print up your own diploma in order to have the official piece of paper.

This website has some more information:

And honestly, I graduated from high school 12 years ago and college 8 years ago, and I have never had an employer asked to see my diploma. As a homeschooler, though, you will need to know the legal graduation requirement for homeschoolers in your state so that you can satisfy it and truthfully explain to any employer who questions your homeschooling credentials.
Most generally, since you are already in college there is nothing to worry about. On applications, you will simply put "homeschooled" and your GPA if asked (most places will not) Businesses are most concerned about the details of your highest level of education.
Most businesses will routinely just check your information, so if you put homeschool, they will probably just ask for the years and if you graduated, which you did.
I'm thinking since you are in college you have a transcript from highschool, if not make one right now, and you will have nothing to worry about.
Sorry about your mom. do not drop out. you may find yourself having to slow your pace or take a semester off, but never give up.
you can get your GED and still go to college. they offer classes and the test is so easy in fact many colleges give that test. I'm sorry for your mom reassure her that nothing is going to happen to you don't let her worry about you and her cancer good luck to you and stay in college no matter what god bless you both
Well, you are already in college, so you don't need a diploma stating that you finished highschool.
Certainly in my country (Australia) no one would care, once you're in college, whether you can prove that you finished High School or not and I imagine it'll be pretty much similar in the US. Employers etc are only interested in your highest/most recent educational achievements. As long as you stick with college, that's all they'll want to hear about...and if you then go on to Uni, that's all they'll want to hear about.

PS sorry to hear about your mum.
You say that you "graduated at age 17," but that you "have no diploma." Do you mean that you never legally graduated from high school, or do you mean that you did legally graduate and just don't have a piece of paper that says "diploma" on it?

If you graduated from high school, then the piece of paper isn't likely to matter. When employment applications ask whether you have a high school diploma, what they really mean is, did you graduate? I see no reason not to just check the "yes" box. Usually, college admissions offices are the only places that ask to actually see your diploma. (Sounds like your college let that go by.)

Depending on the homeschooling laws in your state and how you approached homeschooling, it's quite possible that you could make a diploma at home and have your mom sign it. I was homeschooled, and I have a 100% legal high school diploma from my homeschool, made on the computer and signed by my mom and dad.

If you went through an independent study program, they might be able to give you a diploma. If you legally graduated, I'm sure there's some way to produce a piece of paper if you need to. And you'll probably never need to!

If you didn't legally graduate, then the questions are... What kind of work do you want to do, and how much will high school graduation matter in getting the job you want? Will you be applying to the kind of employers who look at big stacks of applications and see which boxes are checked? Or will you be applying to small companies where someone will talk to you and see you as an individual? If you're presenting yourself as an individual, you can say something like, "I went straight to college without finishing high school," and even make it sound as if you were too smart and ambitious to hang around taking high school classes when you wanted to start your college education. (After all, you did start a year early, right?) But if you're checking boxes on an impersonal application, they might automatically reject someone who hasn't graduated from either high school or college.

By the way, some states have a high school equivalency exam that can be even better than the GED--an exam that actually gives you a high school diploma (so that if asked, "did you graduate from high school?" you can just say "yes" with no further explanation needed).

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