Homeschooling for 7th grade boy (middle school)?

Question:I am planning to homeschool my 7th grade boy this fall. He attended public middle school for 6th grade and had a bad year. He was not challenged academically (classes were easy and boring for him) and he was teased because he is smart and a minority (1/2 Asian in a school w/ 70% White and 25% Hispanic). He is also not the typical soccer or baseball playing kid. He is now on a swim team and does martial arts. I'm trying to make the best choices with him and for him. I think homeschooling will be OK, but I worry about him making a transition to 8th grade in a private school or 9th grade in a public or private high school. He is a nice kid, but really got picked on. Any suggestions?

My advice would be to homeschool now, and worry about returning to school if or when you decide to do it. 7th grade is almost all review, if your son was bored in 6th he'll be snoozing through 7th!
You might try a curriculum or a mix of curriclums that have placement tests so you can put him right where he needs to be academically.
Some good ones can be found on these sites:
dont homeschool unless he wants it

ask him

just transfer to a different school
or move
well coming from a 14 year old who was home schooled and transitioned to a private school. I would say homeschooling has it's benefits but..your child wont get the socialization skills he's going to need and i would say a private school is a lot better than a public school. and the kids are usually nicer. But he's your son. Ask him what he wants first and decide from there what you think is best.
If you decide to homeschool him, join a homeschool association in your area. Some of my neighbors homeschool their kids and they belong to those groups. They go on field trips, and have activities and projects for the kids, so they are around others.
Keep him in public school. If you are not a teacher it will be hard for you to teach him what he needs to know. (math, ancient history, English and earth science) if you are a teacher best of luck because I am one and I would not home school my kids!
I have an awesome program for homeschooling we have clubs teachers and the most awesome outings and the most neatest lessons he will never be picked on here and we actually have a school for the smartest kids. that is a shame the way he was treated you tell him those kind of people make the world a rotten place. they aren't worth much. my son is 13 almost 14 and loves his program and if you decided to go back to public that is fine to they will give you a free computer with all lessons on it it an awesome program give it try and you will see your child grow in many ways public school stinks the kids seem to be bad good luck to you both it can be very frustrating your an awesome mom keep up the good work and if you get on k12 look for Mr. Marley the most awesome math teacher around you will see us there good
This site has some helpful links and information about bringing public-schooled children home to school, maybe it can help you and your son decide if it's a commitment you want to make:

Good luck and God bless!
Coming from an indivdual who was teased in school and was later home-schooled for four years (5th - 8th grade) I can tell you that home-schooling would not be the best alternative for your son. My mother home-schooled me and I felt that it wasn't healthy for me to be in that type of environment. I had problems adjusting to high school academically and socially, which were problems I did not have before being home-schooled. Now I am 25 years old and I am a teacher myself and I am still dealing with these same issues. Believe me I endured the same problems as your son in regards to being teased, but homeschooling is not the best route to take. My advice would be to enroll him in a highly recommended private school. Good luck.

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