I am going into 7th grade and i am afraid to go to school?

Question:I have been attending a virtual charter school online and my mom now wants me to go back to school now so that I can socialize with other kids my age. I am an A student and also a perfectionist. My worst fear is taking tests. Did you ever hear of taking tests home? Well that is exactly what I want to do to ease my stress. If they will not let me do that does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep calm and not worry my childhood years away??

Is socialization the only reason your parents want you to go back to school? Honestly, there are many social opportunities for homeschool kids - google your hometown and "homeschool" or "homeschool group" and you should find them.

If you do end up going back to school, the tests shouldn't be a problem. Trust me, they're not as hard as you think! They are designed to evaluate if you actually learned the material; even if you don't make perfect grades on them - which you may or may not - you can still get good grades. You may want to go ahead and get a book on test-taking tips, it may ease your stress.

Your teachers probably won't let you take your tests home, but if you talk with them, they'll be able to give you some tips for not stressing through them. It is a necessary skill to learn, whether you're in a classroom or homeschool; it's something you'll need to be able to do in college. It's a lot easier to learn now, when your transcripts don't matter as much, than in high school or college.

Just settle into it - you're making it more stressful than it is. If you can ace your homeschool classes, chances are you can ace the tests!
im in 8th grade trust me 7th isnt that bad!!!
We love the homeschooling lifestyle but being afraid of school is not a good reason to homeschool. Unless your school is actually in an unsafe area, but that doesn't sound like your concern. You need to deal with the realities of life, and conquering your fears is important to success in life.
look kid you do what you have to do you have to take the test at school you have no other choice its the law kid just do the best you can ok kid you have no other choice thats it face your fear study as hard as you can ok

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