Home schooling?

Question:i am trying to put my kids in home schooling but i am having trouble finding the actual home school headquaters...i was home schooled for a year but i cannot remember the name of the place that supplied me with books and graded my work. if anyone knows of any in the chicago or south suburbs of chicago any info would be great! thanks a bunch!

No headquarters other than your house. And if you are truly homeschooling (not doing public school at home) then you will need to supply your books.

Illinois is a good state to homeschool in, very few regulations.
see http://www.hslda.com for details on the law.

some good sites for supplies:

Yeah, there are a few online schools.
There is no actual homeschool headquarters; each homeschool is subject to the laws particular to their state. For IL:

Finding a local group might help to answer some of the questions you might have about your particular area. I found this list for Illinois statewide:

Insofar as online homeschooling, there are dozens of things available. try a yahoo search for online homeschool or homeschooling. These are just some of a few:


Best of luck to you!
the homeschool program I used was Christian Liberty (CLASS).they're pretty near Chicago - Arlington Heights. While they do not offer online classes, they do have more online support now.
The website is www.homeschools.org
There is a K12 virtual school if you're in the Chicago school district. They use K12 like I do, but I use it independently (pay for it myself). It's a wonderful curriculum.

Here's the link:

Do yourself a favor and dont home school your kids. My niece did it to her kids and the oldest is like 12 and cant read. She has created 5 social rejects kids. Please have them learn from a real school for you sake and theirs and mankind as well.

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