Question:Does any one know of a fun site that has clothes for homeschoolers, like for instance instead of say Rustburg High School Devils... it would say something like Homeschool High something... i don't know just some thing fun? Does this make sense :)

No web sites, I have never looked for those, but you may want to see if your town/city has a T-shirt printing shop, and have you children design their own T-shirt, sweat shirt, or bags.

Graphic design shops will take your designs, and put them on mugs, or other items for you as well.
I've purchased several times from this company at HS conventions:

They are currently having a $5.99 t-shirt sale.

My favorite design they have is "Please don't interrupt me, I'm in the middle of a parent-teacher conference" with the text "Homeschool Mom" around the saying!
There are places that will make custom jackets, sweats, etc., but it will cost a lot! Maybe $30-$50 for a sweat. $100 for a coat.
Well, the is one site that has a shirt you can order.

Or, if you don't like their shirts you can always go to a shirt print shop and design your own. :) A lot of people do that.
Look in the telephone book for a screen printer in your area. Talk to them, tell them what you want, and they can make you a shirt or jacket or whatever you want.

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