Homeschoolers brace for the backlash PA kid next to the guns a 'homeschooler'?

I am not aware of when this boy started his homeschooling since the article was 'nice' plenty to leave that out. The mode they made it sound on the local communication this moring, he has not be HSing very long. I am concerned the medium is going to have a hay daylight with the 'homeschool' issue. Thoughts?

Answers:    Here is part of the pack of the transcript from today's Nancy Grace show.

GRACE: Any other children in the home? Good examine. Jon Leiberman, what do we know?

LEIBERMAN: We believe this 14-year-old was the merely child in this home. You know, they pulled him out of public school because he told his parents that he be being bullied and that he couldn`t swot in arts school because he was one bullied by all of his other schoolmates. That`s why they pulled him out of arts school and started home schooling him.

GRACE: And to Betsy in Indiana. Hi, Betsy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, Nancy. How are you?

GRACE: I`m correct, dear. I`m hanging surrounded by there.


GRACE: Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I be wondering, what was she home schooling him and relating him? Was she getting him ready for Armageddon?

GRACE: You know, I be wondering exactly, since she`s in charge of what the curriculum is, if it included target practice. What do we know in the region of the home schooling requirements, Jon Leiberman?

LEIBERMAN: Well, we know that there are positive guidelines set up, and that`s certainly something police are going to look at right presently to see what was the curriculum. What be this kid learning? And does he indeed stipulation to go stern to public school at some point? But they`re going to look long and tough about that because this kid`s probably going to serve some time contained by a juvi, at least a juvi detention center.

GRACE: Well, we`ll find out tomorrow, that audible range bright and early tomorrow morning. Disaster avoided.

What on dirt would the curriculum have to do near him collecting an arsonal of weapons?? Not to mention contained by PA the PUBLIC SCHOOL has to approve the curriculum so it would own been their slate anyway.

This kid has one and only been hs'ed for ONE year. That's it. The public conservatory had him for 8 years earlier that and didn't have a clue he be so messed up. They didn't stop the bullying.

Edit: Uncle Red - A lot of people are blaming home schooling for this. It doesn't manufacture any sense. Yes, blame his parents - I can't believe any mother would buy their kid an assault rifle!! How stupid.

However, bringing his so-called hs'ing into the picture isn't right. When the kids that are in the public system do this do they sit near and say "So what curriculum be they learning contained by high conservatory this year". I think we call for to look at whether target practice was section of their learning process".
Are you referring to the boy from CLEVELAND, Ohio who shot up his soaring school up to that time shooting himself? Or is this a separate case?

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