I am homeschooling my 4th grader this year.?

Question:I am looking for an elem. spanish curriculum I'd like something with a dvd or cd-rom does anyone know of a good one?

The best program I've found is called The Easy Spanish, or Espanol Facil. It's multi-level, non-consumable, and comes with interactive CDs that have both the printable notebook pages and all the audios. It is designed from a linguistic standpoint, rather than just conversational, and it starts at a mid-elementary level. Here's the website:

Hope that helps!
The one we use in our school is called "Espanol Para Ti". I'm the Spanish teacher. I think it's really cute and they have videos, song tapes, manuals, and activity books. You can even get some activity books at Walmart and bookstores...I've done that to find alternate activities to go along with the lessons.

Don't forget to make flashcards!
Rosetta Stone is supposed to appropriate for all ages, but equivalent to a High School course. It does start out easily enough for a 4th grader. Another thing I'd recommend is Power Glide Junior.
check out www.k12.com or 1-866-626-6413 free computer all lesson awesome

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