I am behind academically behind, what do i do?

Question:I am 15 years old. I was recently home schooled but am wanting to make the transformation to public school. I am not where i should be academically. I am really scared about my future. Please Help.

Are you sure that you're behind? It depends on your district - each one has a different scope and sequence - but you seem to be ahead of several of the kids I've seen on here...

I would just get in touch with your school district, talk with a guidance counselor there. They can let you know where you should be, placement-wise, as far as classes. If you are behind in any subjects it shouldn't be too hard to catch up. As a homeschooler, you are likely fairly independent with your work, and should be able to make up any work that you would be behind on.

Honestly, it's just as likely that you're ahead of things in some subjects :-) You've still got plenty of time, and in high school, not all kids go on the same educational track. Unless you're seriously behind - and it doesn't look like you are - I think you're putting more stress on yourself than you need to. You can do this :-)
like how far?
Are you certain that you're academically behind? Or just assuming it? Don't be scared. You can easily overcome this problem. All it takes is a strong will and the effort to study.
Find a good tutor.
don't worry, even if you can't get into the school of your choice, there's still tons of schools around! my sister took a year from school when she was about 16, homeschooled, then decided she wanted to go back to high school. she went to high school for a semester and then finished off at one of those easier private schools. it can be done! she has graduated! if you go see any school counselor, they'll be able to assist you :)
You seem fairly literate, so you should be able to catch up if you're willing to study. Too bad you're not staying in a homeschool situation, if you were I could recommend a lot of resources to catch you up.
Find the subjects that you are behind in and every day practice on each one for an extra hour or two per day. Throw in an extra subject, something unusual for extra credit.
Hey! Don't be afraid! I'm 14, and I thought I was way behind, but then I started going to a private school, and I ended up being Student of The Year and winning several awards. Go to your local high school and ask to take placement testing or standardized testing like Iowa testing, and when you get your results study up on what you didn't do so well in, and do your best. Best of luck!
You seem heaps more literate and articulate than many other 15 year olds. Are you sure you are behind academically...and not just that the things you have studied to date may not be the exact same as kids in school have been doing?

The only thing that really matters in academia is that you know how to learn (not that you necessarily know heaps of stuff) and I'd be extremely surprised if you can't already do that regardless of how you might feel or what you might think right now.
You should probably take a year to catch up on all of your skills. High school will be brutal if your skills aren't up to snuff. Ask your mom about taking a standardized test to see where your skills are. CAT or Iowa Test of Basic Skills are the most common ones. If that won't work for you, then find some textbooks for your grade level and see just how difficult they are. In terms of academics, the only real things you need to worry about are reading level, writing ability (including spelling) and math. If you can read and understand a novel on any high school reading list, then you're fine there. You might want to learn about different types of essay writing and practise them because that'll be important. For math, you might have to look at a program that covers multiple levels at once so you can go back to where you need to and move forward to catch up.

ADDED: Before deciding for sure to go to public school, you'll have to find out about credits and all that. Since you are 15, you may have already missed a year or two of high school, depending on where you live. Did your parents give you high school credits? Will they be accepted at the school? Will you have to start fresh (behind)? Would you be able to do a year of fast-tracked correspondence or an at-home study program through the school to catch up and have accepted credits? This is only important if you aren't actually starting from the beginning of high school.
hey dont be scared they will test you to see your grade level thats why u must always keep up with studies home schooling or not
When you make the transition to public school, you may find that there are many programs already in place to help you catch up. A lot of schools have before hours and after hours tutoring. And your chances of finding a skilled classmate who can help you work in class are pretty good, too. Some districts have online courses and a variety of technology to help students catch up. Maybe you got behind through your homeschool environment--maybe not. Either way, you are not alone!! This happens to many students making the move from the safety net of middle school nurture to the responsibility for yourself that suddenly comes in high school. Schools deal with this all the time. Be honest with your teachers from the very start. Tell them your concerns and ask for their help. Most will be delighted to give you the extra attention you need, especially when they know it is wanted and appreciated. Don't beat yourself up for falling behind, and never, never give up on yourself. You can do it!
Don't worry the public school system will help you. You may fall into special education classes. Don't let that discourage you! You can catch up! Look at this- I graduated from high school (was behind from changing schools from state to state) and when I went to college and they said my math and reading levels were that of a fifth grader! I had to take a bunch of remedial classes to catch up to university levels! If I was you I'd save yourself a lot of stress and just go get a G.E.D and start college. Public high school to me is one big joke (believe me I've worked in one for over 5 years now.)

Sources: Been going to schools and working in them my whole life!
Don't freak out. I used to be homeschooled when I lived in Asia. I was home schooled by my parents until I was 8 years old and came to U.S. Did your parents cover subjects such as Math and English (grammar mostly and how to write)? I was only taught basic Math(time tables, addition, etc.) and English grammar but I still got some of the highest grades in my classes just by paying attention and studying hard. I thought I was going to have a tough time at a public school, but I got as far as graduating middle school with high grades and will start my freshman year with challenging classes.

All I am trying to say is that you should:

-Pay attention to the teacher (jot down notes as you go along)
-Make new friends. My friends have been very great to me and they help to ease the stress level.
-Have fun. Don't spend all your time worrying and studying like I did. Go to parties once in a while. School can be a nice experience. You can develop more communication skills if you are with peers your own age.

I hope this helps and have a great year.

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