Should I ask to turn to public/private high-school instead of mortal homeschooled?

I've been home school all my energy, And I think it would be easier for me to get hold of into college if i went to a public or private glorious school, Because Our curriculum is in principle easy, And my few friends are smarter than me.
I don't perceive like I'm human being challenged plenty, i get bored beside it quickly, It's almost no face to me, and I'm doing the same science and history as my 5th-grade sister.
I'm within 8th grade, so subsequent year is high institution. please help.

Answers:    First I would gossip to your mom about kicking things up a bit...even if you're contained by the same science book, for example, you can do outside research and extra projects that would be beyond your sis.

Does your mom know you be aware of this way? The funny entity about self a homeschool mom is, we don't know how to change up your coursework structure if you don't make clear to us. I've encountered this near my son, as well; he tend to think that because I'm *Mom*, I automatically know everything he wants and when he'll need it. For physical wishes, that's pretty much true - I know when and what he needs to devour, how warmly he requests to dress, when he needs to rest, etc. For academic, however, that gets a bit tougher.

Homeschoolers don't tend to guide according to state standards, because education can't truly be standardized. We prepare according to our kids' needs. If our kids don't voice those wants, however, we have to guess at them - and can expire up making the wrong guess.

Talk to your mom. You're old adequate now that you can enjoy a say surrounded by your coursework. Let her know that you'd like something more provoking - the same info (or different) at a sophisticated level. There are plenty of resources online and at the library that can allow you to complete research projects, read at a deeper smooth, write essays, etc.

Science and history work really well contained by a rotation - you study the same point every few years, but at a deeper level respectively time. This is likely what your mom is doing - a short time ago ask her to challenge you a bit more. Trust me, she'll feasible jump for happiness that you *want* to do more work :-)

Try this before you bring in a decision on going to university - don't make a huge choice similar to that based on a miscommunication. Your mom is human, too.

Hope that help!
Well public school is perfect for the social experience. But also theres online highschool that you should look into for more challenging classes at home. Just google online highschool

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