Does anyone like school?

Question:it's ok but i'd rather be at home ?

I don't like school, no. Although school is the very point of your life where you socialize the most. But you can also think about it..when you go to school your young, right? And when your young your suppose to enjoy your childhood and not have any problems. But where do you receive all your problems? School. So I guess school is a give and take situation. But I still don't like it.
go to shcool and get a boyrfriend
yeah same here.
its ok if you have nothing else going on in the day but usually school sucks
I finished school but I liked college. It was fun and I had great friends and I met my husband there. I hated school but I loved college!
I rather be at school and make friends and look forward going home at the end of the day. Being home to much is to boring. School can fun.
I loved school before high school,
It was really fun.
Well,it's your choice if you want to go to school or not,
It's just the type of person you are,I suppose.
home is a school too, but at a certain age you would rather be at school, to learn how you can socialize while learning
Well I hated the school work unless it was PE or cooking but I was always motivated to go there cuz I like the cute girls especially if she's in my class room so I could check her out or make shy eye contacts. Seriously make the best of the schoold and enjoy all your friends cuz time flies and before you know it, you're all done with school and that means harder to make new friends once out of school. Trust me I know. Take care.
you will curse yourself after some years when you won't earn enough money from your job. So go to school even if you hated to go.
Its too long ago and i really can't tell if i do.
Go to me you dont wanna be stuck in your house all day!! I would hate being at home all day long with parents...and i would miss my friends.
Absolutly!! You get to meet new friends you get to learn about all kinds of things. You can not make it in this new modern world without some book learning. You will not get a good job and have a means of support for a family without schooling. Be the best you can be in all things and you will succeed.
I'm pretty sure know body luvs it, but I'm kinda getting antsy to go back! I jus wanna see all the cute boys again and wear all my new clothes!!
I am super excited for this school year!
I'm going to be a senior, but that's not the only reason.
I think it's going to be a super fun year. :)
Anymore, it's a necessary evil :)

Turner Bird Cox
The Bird Dr.
There are some things in life that we just don't like but have to do and school is one of them. You would be awfully bord when you grow up and all your friends have good careers but you wanted to stay home. Some people don't like going to work either but if you get the education to have the career you want and like, then it is all worth it.
i like it, but i hate the schedule!
i love school just not the last day b cause you get to know people and it is sad when we leave i CRY!!!
Get a guy, and you'll be fine!

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