Affordable box sets for 3rd grade?

Question:I work at a teacher supply store, owned by teachers, and I have an odd problem. We have a customer that has a son old enough for the 7th grade, although she thinks he is on a 3rd grade level, PS was going to pass him again, so her mother is going to HS him. They, nor the owners of this store have a clue. The owners of course are approaching this with the 'average school personnel' mentality. The mother has no idea at all about what is available so is leaving it up to the teachers to put together a curriculum. They are not doing so well. I have suggested a box set at this point, for the ease, until the mother gets into a local group and researches things for herself a bit. I also suggested that they take the time to use the placement tests available, but I have been ignored. So I am looking for a box set that includes the 5 major subjects and is less than $300.00, with the teacher guides.

Probably just get all 3rd grade lifepac stuff =\.
I would say Alpha Omega's Lifepacs or Switched on Schoolhouse:

Another one is ACE Paces:

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