Question:I want to be homeschooled and I need to know some ideas on how to let my mom know how to start and get everything started and stuff if u can help I would really appreciate it!

first check out to find out what the requirements are in your state.

Also find an online group for your area by typing in say Los Angeles, CA homeschool group..(what ever your city/area and state)

You need to be able to explain why you want to homeschool. Is your mom at home or does she work? Are you old enough to stay at home if she is working or wha tkind of arrangements will be made for you.

Homeschooling is awesome but it is a big commitment for parents and since they didn't start you out that way it is going to be a commitment for you too.

There are different ways of homeschooling. Some people do "school at home" all the way to "unschooling" and everything in between. Some states have charter programs and then there are also online schools. depending on where you are some are free and some can cost little to a lot.

When you find a local group ask them if there is a local meeting for people who are interested in homeschooling. These meetings are very informative and put a lot of peoples minds at ease when the are newbies.
I really don't think that is a good idea to be honest.. you learn more and it is more fun to be in public school because you socially interact with other kids..
you could either just go the sylvan learning center bc you take a test and they teach you the stuff you need to know until your up to what ever you need to be at. It's pricey but sooo worth it..i went there to be at my reading level and im getting better with knowing some vocabulary words.

im not sure if the people that make sure kids around the area are going to school will like that though..idk for sure, but you can ask ur mom about it

I dont know what city your in but this one is comming or has come to most cities or 1-866-512-2273 tell your mom to check it out I hope you can get on it it is already prepared for you and mom even a free computer to use while at virtual academy check us out good luck
Assumeing(and we all know what happens when you ASSUME) that your mom is onboard with the idea, you will need to check on your State homeschool laws as every state requires something different. You can type your state name followed by 'homeschool laws' in the google bar (you will get a LOT of info) and for an overview you can check out (Homeschool Legal Defense Association).

Once you get thru all the muddle and know which direction you are headed, then you will need to submit a Letter of Intent to your local School Board.

Your age, grade and interests will be the basis of your curriculum (other than the basics required).
Just start 'googling' stuff since you would be suprised at what is out there and don't limit yourself to JUST the internet. Be sure to utilize the Library, find a group to join, take part in some sort of sport, go on Field Trips and all other sorts of stuff.

Good luck
You first have to find out the laws of your state. Some states required your family to declare themselves a school register with the state, keep attendence and submit to testing now and then. Other states have no formalities.

Some states require you to be enrolled in an accredited program (and there are lots of them, Calvert is the oldest).

Some states offer free program. Florida, for example, offer free homeschool with an accredit diploma to Florida residents.

Once you know what the state requires you can then decide.

You can go from free form buy your own books (used, second hand or new), study at your leasure or get School in A box with CDs and DVDs and books and test forms.

Some programs require you to sent and postmark homework and tests by a given day of the week, other don't.

You should get tested every 3 years to see how you fare against the rest of the country.

This shows the national average (stanine) and how you fared against it, at, above or below. It will give you and indicator if what you need to study more or how advanced you are.

If on the Stanford Test you are two levels above the stanine in everything it means you are quite advanced. If you are at the statine you are average. If your math or English scores are below then you need to do more work in that area.

You should be involved in group or team activities. Sports, Karate, dance, gymastics, soccer.

You should to field trips to museums, stage plays, etc.

You might want to also experiment with unschooling, which means, for example, buying an electronics kit and learning how to make radios and stuff.

Getting a used copy of Visual BASIC and learning to program a computer.

Getting a small telescope and start chart and going out a few nights a week to see the moon and Jupiter first hand.
When I wanted to be homeschooled I researched it and printed out papers to give my mom, and I wrote many letters telling her why I wanted to be homeschooled, and I didn't give up. I gave her links to homeschooling websites, and I did my research so that I knew what I was talking about. I am now a happy homeschooler.
Good luck and don't give up!

A book that I recommend you read is The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn.
This site has some helpful links and information about bringing public-schooled children home to school, maybe it can help you and your mom decide if it's a commitment you want to make:

Good luck and God bless!

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