Does anyone know of free homeschooling in SC?

Question:My children are with Connections Academy in OH and we are moving to SC.

I am a South Carolinian and I homeschool my children. There are no costs involved in homeschooling, other than those you choose.

There are books available at the library and book store that give ideas for Homeschooling Your Child For Free (I believe that is the title of one). All you really need is a love of learning, perhaps a Scope & Sequence to give you an idea of what they 'should' be learning, and the willingness to make it happy.

We personally choose to purchase a complete curriculum (A Beka) for our children, and use other resources as well. But it is not a necessity.

What part of South Carolina are you moving to? Feel free to contact me via my profile (our email addresses will remain private that way) if you would like to talk more.
I don't think there is "free" homeschooling anywhere. You personally have to be tested if you are going to be teaching them and that alone has a price.
Try contacting the South Carolina Department of Education. They got a virtual school going, but only in certain districts.
Looks like you'd do well under options two or three here:

All homeschooling is free, it's just a matter of finding out how to do it in your area. Have you looked at yahoo groups to find one in SC? You should join and ask there, it would work under option three.
Check this out
Well, Connections Academy are building in SC. I read it on their last newsletter. It will be availible in 08, I think. You can try sometime like SCVirtual school. They opened up a while back ago.

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