5th & 9th homeschoolers..?

Question:we live in florida and have already checked with their homeschooling programs. none of them went up to high school level. we have checked with non-florida homeschooling programs, but they what they charged was WAY out of the question (btwn $2-$3 a year per student).

so here is my question:

is there a (free or cheap) homeschooling program that does highschool? and my husband prefers going through a program.

many thanks in advance.

Florida Virtual School runs for kids grades 6-12 and Florida Virtual Academy (through K12) runs for grades 1-8.

That covers your needed grade levels.
I thought the FL Virtual School (not FLVA) was free for FL residents. It's K-12. Here is their link:


Their FAQ page states this:

"FLVS is part of the Florida public education system and serves students in all 67 Florida districts. FLVS also serves students, schools, and districts around the nation through tuition-based instruction, curriculum provision, and training."

I think you meant $2-3 *thousand* per year for costs?

====EDITED for DaveBirwin:

OHVA is an OHIO school and this person is looking in Florida. The FL equivalent to OHVA, FLVA, does not include high school level, it's only K-8.
Check out these sites:

One person said, "OHVA is a good school. Boss I heard was a good one too. I went to OHVA for 2 years and i enjoied it because its very interactive."

Another person said, "OHVA is ranked number one for statewide virtual public schools. THey would probably be your best bet. "
yes there is virtual academy is in your area. they give you a computer and lessons for free there are teachers outings lots of fun stuff call 1-866-512-2273 or look on website www.k12.com and yes it is awesome those that say they hate it were the ones who don't want to follow a program it is awesome check it out
$2-$3 a year? You couldn't possibly mean that. That says 2 dollars to 3 dollars per year.

I know that in some states the K12 school doesn't actually go to 12th, in my state it goes to 11th, then you have to attend school for 12th if you want a diploma, some other states go to 8th. The K12 program was written for K-12, but not all states use the whole program, but I thought Florida did. I might be wrong.

At any rate check out the following site:


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