Can I write My Transcripts in pen?

Question:I have my transcript printed out but it blank i was wondering could i write it in pen cause i cant edit it cause i dont have adobe or anything but i like the template it is simple to understand so can I?

You should not write it in pen. You can either recreate the document on an existing word processor or you can find someone with Adobe who can modify it for you. This is one document worth putting a little money into. You might be able to find a word processing service near you that could do it for you, you could write on your template the info you want and take it to them to recreate. The only pen and ink that should be on it is on the the signature line(s).
You should not. You can try copy and paste the transcript to word. You can also install adobe professional because it will let you modify a pdf file. After that if you want to make a new pdf file, you can use the web page
No writing it in pen looks very unprofessional and some college may refuse to admit you with something like that. It needs to be printed and look professional.

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