Did you know you can participate in Pizza Hut's Book It! program as a homeschooler?

Question:We've participated in the Pizza Hut Book IT! program every year we've HS'ed. They now have an easy online registration form for individuals to sign up to participate.

See this link:


thanks for the info...I just signed up.

I am going to respectfully disagree about these sorts of reading reward programs. My feeling on it is this we do the reading anyway why shouldn't the kids get a treat for continued good work. Some jobs offer bonuses (for varying reasons)should you not accept them because you should just be happy with your regular paycheck?

If you don't allow your kids to eat pizza for whatever reason then don't sign up. Sign up at the library, six flags, barnes and noble or whatever others are offering items besides food.

I also look at it as setting and attaining goals for themselves. They finished this goal (reading so many books...that they most likely were already going to read) and now there is an accomplishment.
Yes, and it is a lot of fun! I was homeschooled all the way through, and participated in the Book IT! program every year that I could. Keep up the good work, I know that it can be hard sometimes! :)
We did that with our kids when we first started homeschooling, (1990).

Our kids loved participating in the program.
PizzaHut is very education friendly and supportive. My brother-in-law started with them as a delivery driver several years ago. PH paid for his college (accounting) and he's progressed through the company from delivery driver to store manager, to regional auditor, to area coach, to several jobs at the corporate level. Last year he was able to purchase nine PH franchizes spead out over three states.
Yes, but I choose not to. Too many kids end up liking reading even less because their motivation becomes too focused on getting some prize or meeting some goal *somebody else* set. That, or they aren't engaged in their reading in the same way. I don't want to risk it with my kids. They're happy to just spend time reading on their own. I read about research done on this and thought back to my own school days when we were rewarded for x books read. Sure, I read a TON of books, but did not connect with them the way I connected with books when we weren't doing the reward system. The goal is different: for the reward, the goal is to get through the book as fast as possible, any book, to get your tally; for your own enjoyment, it's for your enjoyment so you are reading because you want to and are liking the book.

ADDED: Regarding the goals, it doesn't matter. It's a reward program. It totally changes the focus for reading. We tried one of the library programs once and while she enjoyed it, I saw how it affected her natural bent for reading. I hadn't yet read Alfie Kohn's books. Try reading "Punished by Rewards" and maybe you'll be able to understand where I'm coming from a little better.
yes bookit is awesome all homeschoolers check out

I recently contacted them about prizes to support a literacy event and they are the first company who was willing to support us! That is totally amazing to me.

I do know that in past years we weren't able to take advantage of BOOK IT! because we were no where near a Pizza Hut. Not this year (yay us!).

I know people can see it as promoting 'fast food' or 'food rewards' but I don't see it as that way at all. I just explain to my child this company is doing this as a reminder to read. Once a month pizza isn't going to exactly hook your child on bribery either. It'd be different if you went every day.

Some kids do work better with bribery. My daughter trudged through her first books, but then realized her love of reading. I do work hard on making sure we are always stocked with good library books.

As far as families who do not feed their children pizza for dietary or other reasons I am quite sure moms (or dads) could contact their local pizza hut and still get the cool little prize for their child. A stranger making a big deal helps too sometimes!

BTW glurpy - the parent sets the reading goals. If your kids are reading on their own you could set an appropriate goal like getting a new book a month to read. Whatever. They don't force any rules on you.
I have to agree with Glurpy, any time you set a reward system in place, you supercede the love of learning by the desire to get a trinket or free food. We stopped doing that when my kids started saying, "I've read enough to get my pizza, I'm done." We also quite doing the library, B&N, and Borders reward programs. My kids read much more without it.

I also loved "Punished by Rewards", what an eye opener.
Thank You so much for that link. I didn't realize that I could enroll. Its such a great incentive for the kiddos.
Yes, I did know that. But I didn't know about the link, thanks! :-)
I didn't know... thanks!
For some children, it takes a reward to get them "hooked" on reading. As they mature, they'll learn to read just for pleasure and/or information.
No good parent allows their child to think that this is the ONLY
way to enjoy reading. The PH program is ONE way to get a child's interest in reading for pleasure and to meet a goal.

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