Do you need high speed internet for cyberschool?

Question:Do you need high speed internet for cyberschool?

We did an online program for 1.5 yrs on dial up. It was a pain only when loading PDF's. I kept my desk a lot cleaner then, as I waited for the hourglass to stop spinning. It was the only thing I was used to, so I didn't realize how bad it was.

When we finally had high-speed available in our area, we purchased it the day it was started. I had "whip lash". A couple of times I've had to go back to dial up for a day or two and it was torture.

If the cyber school you're looking at using has any "whiteboard" or other online sessions with teachers, then you most likely will want high speed.

Check with the school you are going to use and ask them. Many of the public charters reimburse all, or a portion of, your internet expenses since it's necessary for the school.
no. but let me tell u it makes a world of differences. if u can spend the $$and get it. it makes sending, recieveing, doing, etc..assignments and chatting w/ teachers & other students 100x easier. and less problems and its faster. go for it. but most do not require it.
It certainly helps. God if I had to deal with dial-up again for any purpose I'd want to slit my wrists. Okay, extreme over-exaggeration but you get the idea.

Now, cyberschool? What?!?
No, you can work on dial-up. But Hi-speed internet does help

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