Homeschooling in Alabama?

Question:My son will be 17 in two months. He refuses to go to school this year because the high school in the school district that we live in isn't the best in the world. For the past two years, we've gotten by with him going to the best school in the county, but now, they refuse to take him. I need resources to homeschool him for his las two years. He has already passed the Alabama High School Exit Exams (all of the, the first time). Can someone PLEASE help!!

Homeschool law in AL requires that you either a) employ/become a licensed tutor or b) establish/enroll in a 'church' school. Summary of the law can be found at:

Most homeschoolers in AL choose to use a cover/umbrella school to fulfill the requirements of the law. There are a number of these statewide, and each perform different services - from strictly signing your BOE paperwork to planning group activities to maintaining transcripts.

Additionally - there are a number of homeschool support groups statewide. These may or may not be affiliated with a particular cover/umbrella school and also can range widely in their activities and events.

Also - as he has already passed the AHSEE, is it necessary to school him his last two years? A lot of the colleges here are more concerned about ACTs and their placement testing then high school transcripts. You might give any one that he's interested a call to find out exactly what their entrance policies are. Good Luck to you!

No free school's in Alabama, but youcan ggetprogrms. About 1000$

It's a verry good program, above track actualy.
The homeschool laws in Alabama make it very hard to do the schooling yourself.
As per the law you will have to use an Umbrella School--this is a school to whom you pay $$$ and in return they send the schoolwork that you need, keep ALL records and tests and scores.
This is unfortunate since most people (like myself) prefer to control what their children will learn at a particular time and an Umbrella School does NOT allow you to fast track. It also does not allow you to call yourself a TRUE homeschooler.

****That is a different debate and I am not looking to open a can of worms here*******

Just throwing some names here (if you have already tried these OK):
Switched on Schoolhouse
Connections Academy
K12 Independence (

I really wish I could help you out more and I know your frustration.I homeschool in Florida but have had to study the homeschool laws of other states as my husbands job can move us anywhere and I am not the type who likes to be caught with her proverbial pants down.
I wish you and your son luck in your endevour.
I dont know if its in your area but check it out at or call1-866-512-2273 good luck this program is free paid for by taxpayers

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