Any recommendations on inter. beginner to intermediate reader series?

Question:Looking for good wholesome books for school, elementary grades, for a girl .Something that could be spread out throughout the school year.

Honestly I think personality has a lot to do with reading encouragement. I have a friend who is a librarian who was able to recommend a particular series based on my daughter's personality. Since she identifies with the character in the book she is always looking for more books in the series.

Go to your local library and find a friendly librarian. Tell them your child's reading level and what your child really enjoys. They can recommend a few different series. Take one of each home and let your child pick one series based on how they react.

That being said my 8 year old daughter is absolutely in love with Amelia Bedelia books. She identifies with the character because she takes things so literally. Also she loves The Fairy Realm series by Emily Roda because it is full of imaginative creatures and I can even read it without being bored to tears. They are really well written. My daughter also is starting to like the Junie B. Jones book series. It is about a 1st grader's journey in public school.

Hope that helps.
I am partial to Pathway readers. I found when my kids started reading well they wanted real stories, but I didn't want them exposed to some of the deep storylines in books at their reading level (I'm talking Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, which we read at age 9, but not at 4). Having an advanced (very young) reader can be a real mixed blessing

These readers are published by Pathway Publishers and include readers for Grades 1 - 8. The readers are full of character building stories, values, and good morals. The publishers are Amish and the stories depict the wholesome Amish way of life. Accompanying workbooks are also available that cover phonics, spelling, reading comprehension, etc. One source is :
Pathway readers are great, so are A Beka's readers and Christian Light's "Reading to Learn" series.

All except A Beka are available from

A Beka is available from

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