Does Penn Foster catch cheaters. If so, maybe posting a warning that they might get cought will make them stop

I sure hope they do. I can't stand when people post questions about their exams. I use Penn Foster and I know that the work is not hard. The lessons are straight to the point, their practice questions asked are not difficult to find in the text, and the exams are open book. If people can't manage that then they shouldn't have signed up for the course in the first place.
I know several participants, myself included, have actually contacted the school to let them know what is happening.
also, I have contacted YA to alert them that not only is a fair amount of cheating going on, but when someone posts questions straight out of the text book and when they post the answers to the tests it is copyright infringement and plagiarism. Both fairly serious violations.
bottom line, they are cheating not only themselves but others and the school.
Think about it. Say I am an employment recruiter for a company and I like to hang out on YA for fun and I see all this going on. Then someone walks in with an app and it says PennFoster for highschool. What would I think?

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