Having trouble getting motivated?

Question:Lately, I am having a lot of trouble motivating myself to do anything. This is a big problem becuase I want to be unschooled and I have to prove to my mom that I am responsible and motivated enough to be. I keep telling my mom that I'm motivated, but I'm not. I feel so lazy and I feel even worse because I start thinking about all the stuff I should be doing and I just feel lazier! AGH!
Please, any tips on how to motivate myself and how to feel less lazy would be MUCH appreciated!

I had this problem before when I was in public school. I just could not bring myself to do anything anymore while there. Now I unschool-homeschool. It's really great. What I did was I took a break for a week and let myself recover from all the stress. Now I'm back to my books and my hobbies and enjoying them the way I should be.
Just look in the mirror in the morning and say to yourself I'm worth it over and over until you are ready to get busy and get to work. you have to set goals and want to better yourself you have to push and believe in yourself and surround yourself with winners.
Yeah, I have this one too. If you let it get ahold of you it can build up and lead to anxiety-and trust me being lazy is better than being lazy and anxious when you're rushing around trying to make up for lost time. Now is where it gets tricky, see, I always read that you should give yourself small goals and then a reward.that never works for me. What does work is to make a list and start crossing things off. If that doesn't work, forget it. Obviously wasn't that important.
Well, I know I couldn't have done unschooling very well when I was a kid. I really needed clear expectations and deadlines or wasn't motivated to do much. Don't get me wrong, I would have gotten a better education through 'HOMESCHOOL' but just not with the "unschooling" style. I am still that way to an extent. I must have a list of items to check off or I get nothing done! Now that I am an adult I am able to handle creating my own lists, but as a kid/teen I'd have benefited from guidance.

Try sitting down with your mom and telling her HONESTLY that you don't feel motivated and see if the two of you together can come up with a plan, a list of goals or tasks. Think of it as kind of a compromise between school at home and unschooling. You have lots of input but get advice and approval from your mom on appropriate goals and time limits for them to be met. You can still do and study what you are interested in and think you should do, but you voluntarily make yourself accountable for certain steps along the way.

For example, lets say you want to learn how to oil paint, you get a book called "Oil Painting Step by Step". You and your mom could sit down and cup up with a task list.
1. Make shopping list for art supplies
2. Purchase supplies
3. Do activity 1 in the book
4. Do activity 2 in the book

Then you could work together to set reasonable dates for each of these things to be completed by, and you would check them off and show them to your mom when you did. You would still have the unschooling benefit of interest led study, but would also have the benefit of the structure found in other methods.

Best wishes! :-)
Read motivational books, like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. It'll help you with the goal setting process and just give you a boost.

Also, when you've got goals, you've got to make sure to break them down so that you've got short-term goals you can meet which get you closer to that big long-term goal. You don't really sound unmotivated, just discouraged. Another thing, don't think about the things you "should" be doing. Think about what you WANT to be doing to reach your goals. "Shoulds" make us feel imposed upon and like we have been bad if we don't do them. Focus on what you WANT and do it.

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