Question:What are the positives for homeschooling?
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Your parents or religious leaders can determine what it is that you will learn. They can ignore medical and other forms of scientific research and make you believe what they want you to believe.

That can be taken as a positive aspect from what I've read recently. Certain people like to say there is no such thing as global warming, or that the world was created 6000 years ago. By removing all teaching materials that say anything different, you can ensure that your children will believe in what you want, and not anything else.
There are many positives, as long as it isn't religious homeschooling.

First off, the claim that homeschooling ruins social skills is bunk, when homeschooling is done correctly. The only people who isolate their children during homeschooling are the creepy people who think anyone outside of their religion will turn their children into sinners. There are tons of groups created just for homeschooled kids and their parents, geared toward social interaction. They have playgroups, field trips, and schedule all kinds of activities for the kids. That's not even mentioning the dozens of other organisations that are made for kids' extracurricular activities everywhere.

Homeschool is ideal if the parent(s) or other person who is doing the homeschooling has a good amount of time to spend with them on the lessons, has high enough intelligence to teach them correctly and not let them get behind on what they'll have to know for state requirements, and the discipline to make the kids do their work. They should also be able to take kids out for trips to the museum or library often, to supplement the regular schoolwork they'll be doing. The trick is to constantly keep things like activities and teaching methods new, so neither of you get bored with it. Homeschooling can be an awesome experience for both the kids and the parents who are doing it, when it's done right. Most kids who are homeschooled CORRECTLY fly past the kids in public school, in terms of what they're learning. If they ever have to go back to public school for one reason or another, they'll almost certainly have the option of skipping a grade. College and university applications submitted by kids who were homeschooled have a slightly higher chance of being accepted, because homeschooled children tend to be more responsible, mature, committed to their education, and knowledgeable about the world in general.
The following all dependent upon how the homeschool is actually run, but it is fairly typical of families I know:

*Students can go their own pace: ahead if their ready or more time if they need it.

*Students can have an education that's tailored to them: it can include their interests much more plus if a student doesn't need to do 50 questions to master a concept, they don't need to, or if they need 50 questions instead of 25, they can have them.

*Students can spend less time per day on academics but still get as much, if not more, done.

*Parents can include subjects they feel are important but are not really covered in schools. For example, the public schools here do not really formally cover grammar, but many homeschoolers insist on some sort of grammar program for their kids.

*Homeschooled kids tend to be less peer-oriented, especially those who were homeschooled from the beginning or those who do not spend the bulk of their social time with typical public school kids.

*Homeschooled kids tend to meet a variety of people on a more frequent basis than schooled kids. This means they are usually comfortable with meeting new people and aren't only looking for same-grade, same-gender people to talk with.

*Homeschooled kids, by virtue of not being surrounded by 20-30 kids just as immature as they are on an almost daily basis, tend to have more mature social interactions.

*Homeschooled kids don't typically carry with them the same types of attitudes picked up by many schooled kids: the materialism, what's cool to wear and what's not, partying is cool, doing well in school isn't so cool...

*Homeschooled families tend to be closer. I know families who pulled their children out of public school to homeschool them and they have ALL said how much closer the siblings became to each other.

*Homeschooled kids can live some of their basic rights without having to ask for permission: getting a drink, going to the bathroom...

*Homeschooled kids have more time to be kids. With less wasted time in school, they have more time to just play or follow their interests.

And more!
According to one university study Homeschoolers on average are 2-3 grades advanced over brick and mortar schoolers, which means the kids can do more pre-college work or start applying for college at 16.
We are actually just getting started, but these are my reasons for homeschooling.

My daughter is 4, so she wouldn't be able to start school for another year, but she is itching to read and has taught herself to 100. She uses the computer for fun games on noggin, PBS, and others.

I can't imagine myself holding her back because it isn't time. I think with homeschooling you can go at the pace of the child and because of that they will have more fun and in turn will retain more. I don't know about you, but I remember very little from elementary school history and science. (I can't wait to "learn" all this info too!).

The other reason is a combination of self-esteem and confidence. I see many children today suffer with these not to mention the attitudes I see with the kids these days is sad. I think there is a sense of maturity early on with homeschoolers. Not a maturity that takes away the fun, but a maturity that allows them to have fun, without worrying about what their peers are thinking.

I think homechooling opens many doors. To travel, great relationships with our kids, meeting other great parents in the community who put thier kids first, and an appreciation for learning.
There are many many positives and I could go on forever, but I won't. :)
The main plus for me is a well rounded education. I've heard many opinions stating homeschool parents only teach their children their limited viewpoint on things, and I'm sure you can find control freaks out there that do that, I probably know some.
But, most parents make the decision to homeschool because they want the absolute best education possible for their children and that usually means giving them the opportunity to learn as much as possible about as much as possible. Most homeschool parents want their children to be able to look at all sides of a situation, not just one. Which brings us to a main reason why I decided to remove my daughter from the publicschool: she was only getting one, narrow viewpoint. She wasn't offered various viewpoints. The message in the public schools was/is clear "There is only one logical conclusion and it is stated within the pages of your textbook." Never mind the fact that "truth" today is different than the "truth" I was taught %# years ago.:)
So, that's a big plus. The homeschool students I know, including my own children are able to look at things from many different angles. they are able to research, dig deep in to a subject (whether it be global warming or creationism or evolution or the tufted titmouse) and look at what is really being said instead of what is fed to you through the media.
Do you know that an alarming number of people use rock stars and movie stars as the supreme authority on such matters? Don't want my kids to be in that camp, thank you.
The other plus is family. I have had the opportunity over the last five years to really really get to know my kids on a level I could not if we went our separate ways all day. One day they will be grown and leading wonderful lives on their own, and i will be here, rich in memories.
one on one education for child subjects interesting and fun social actives ever day interacting with kids awesome teachers just like public schools there to help encourage teach what more could you ask for no drugs no social pressure no gangs no you didn't wear your top of the name brand clothes today no fear of being killed any more you would like more info homeschooling is an awesome experience try it you ll love it
The great thing about homeschooling is that you learn what you want at your own pace. No one forces you to learn something that you feel is not going to be helpful to you. Another good thing about homeschool is that you can do more work in less time. In regular school you'll have to go as fast or as slow as the other children. This can hold a student back and the child will most likely lose interest in the class.
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+ I had forgotten that there could be so much time in a day until I stopped living my life revolving around the school schedule.

+ Life became much less stressful for us when school was out of the picture

+ The kids get to learn at their own pace, on their own time, and their education is custom-suited to their needs.

+ The kids get to learn the important basic foundation skills (reading, writing, math) without distraction, and can take the time they need to really get it.

+ The kids can pursue their educational passions and interests with fervor, and do, which is nice to see. School kids who talk about hating school, learning, books, etc., always sadden me, you don't find a lot of homeschoolers saying those things. Homeschoolers are frequently more self-motivated to take on educational issues, learning is not seen as a negative chore but life's great adventure.

+ The kids get much more varied social experience than when they go to school-- they volunteer, take martial arts, go to reading groups, chess club, wood shop, take homeschool co-op classes, have play dates, etc. They wouldn't have as much time for these things in school.

+ We have a great homeschool community; there are play dates all over the county practically every day of the week, classes in just about anything you can think of and a few you never would have thought of, lots of fun and exciting field trips and camping trips, holiday and birthday parties, loads of friendly support.

+ If I take my kids some place, and there are kids there who are behaving really badly, setting bad examples, treating other kids badly, I can choose not to bring my kids back so they don't emulate this bad behavior, or become a victim of it. I can bring them where there are kids who exhibit much better behavior so they can be socialized positively.

+ They are way more out in the real world, taking classes, going on field trips, volunteering, etc., than their schooled counterparts who are in school for 7 hrs per day and doing homework another 2 hours.

+ We can work when we want-- morning, afternoon, evening, weekends, summer, etc. We can go to the park on those beautiful spring or autumn mornings and homeschool later, we can wrap up early or continue on a Saturday so we can get errands done, we can also take vacations when we feel like it and don't have to fight the crowds because we can always go off-season.

+ We get to spend a lot of quality time with our kids, talking, reading, going out together.

+ We get to experience their education with them a lot, not hear about most of it when they come home.

I could go on, but I'm getting tired, lol...
There are a lot of positives with homeschooling.
In most cases if a child were in a regular school they might learn at a slower pace than the other kids or even at a faster pace than the other kids and when their home schooled they can learn at their own pace.
A lot of studies show that home schoolers are learning more than students who attend public schools.
Your child can learn what ever they want without a teacher telling then , sorry honey but we have to stick to the schools curriculum.
Some people think that when you homeschool your child that your child is going to be taken away from the outside world that their anti social.
Which is simply not true.
If you child has interest in other things, like sports, music or something else like pottery, you can take them to different workshops or classes the have something to do with their interest.
If they don't have a particular interest help them find it by taking to different workshops or classes.
That way they'll be exposed to different things.
I am a home schooled high school student and
I have done so many things I have been on swim teams.
I've danced with the Culture Shock Dance Troupe, who has dance for Chris Brown and a lot of other artists.

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