I am looking for a good high school literature program--any recommendations?

Question:My daughter will be 14--last year she completed Starting Points--which is a beginning world view curriculum. I loved it because she read really good literature and also did alot of writing. I am considering Lightening LIt by Hewitt Publishing. any help would be appreciated.

Lightning Lit is great. I also like that you can have the course work graded by Hewitt if you want, I plan to assign my own grades, and then compare what she gets with Hewitt's just to see if I am in the ballpark as far as grading compositions. The great thing (IMO) about Lightning Lit is the depth of the composition work, combined with the study of so many great books. My 14 yr old daughter will be taking Lightning Lit next year for 9th grade, she'll be reading Ben Franklin's Autobiography, Life of Frederick Douglass, The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Huck Finn, The Call of the Wild, and Red Badge of Courage.

Plus I recently received the guides, I can't believe how wonderful and complete the composition instruction is, it covers so much! There are choices too, the Lessons give a list of options for most writing assignments, so a child might choose between writing an essay, a poem, or a letter. It is a wonderful program, if you do it you'll love it.
Omnnibus from Veritas Press is also very good. I'll have to check out Lightning Lit - I hadn't seen that one!
You could check out Sonlight's catalogue http://www.sonlight.com and see their recommendations. Also, I had a look once at Learning Language Arts through Literature for the high school level and it looked pretty decent, but not having used it, I'm really not sure.

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