Homeschooling in SC.?

Question:Does anyone homeschool with Penn Foster High School in SC? I was wondering if I still had to register with the homeschooling Association if I use Penn Foster High School. I am also 18. I don't know if I need to register with the local homeschool association.

Thanks for your help!

I am a homeschool parent in South Carolina. Yes, you WOULD have to still register with an association-to be legal in this state you must either go through the district or an association. HOWEVER, this does not apply to you because you are above the compulsary attendance age so in your case, NO you do not have to register with the association.

I hope this helps!
If you are 18 you are past the age of compulsory attendance, (which is 17 in South Carolina) so I don't think you would have to register with anyone.

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