Homeschool or Home school?

Question:Spell check always go nuts with 'homeschool or homeschooler' but yet that is what the majority of people use. Spell check prefers home school.

Is there a more 'proper' spelling? If you say yes - please have a source to back it up!

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Main Entry: home·school
Pronunciation: \ˈhōm-ˌskül\
Function: verb
Date: 1980
intransitive verb
: to teach school subjects to one's children at home
transitive verb
: to teach (one's children) at home
one word
One word
its one worddddddddd
the way to spell it is homeskoo.

use spell check 4 that!!

i got a source too
I honestly don't know. I always use homeschool. Since that's what most people use, it'll end up being proper. ;)
Personally, away from this board, I would never use either. I think most people in my country use the term 'home education' or 'distance education' if you sign up with one of the virtual schools.

When I talk about homeschooling on here, I naturally spell it as two words and then have to keep remembering to change it to one word - maybe my only concession to American English!
Either one is acceptable, but yes spell check doesn't like "homeschool".

I prefer homeschool because I feel homeschooling is unique enough to merit its own word. Spell check also doesn't seem to mind "homeschooling", just "homeschool".

The way I see it, it is a new compound word that just hasn't made the majority of the dictionaries yet.

It is acceptable with many compound words to use either form, although there may be a preferred form, other forms are not really wrong.

Take for instance
"I just bought a new doghouse." vs. "I just bought a new dog house." Neither sentence is really wrong, but many people prefer the compound word "doghouse".

Here are all of the ways I have seen homeschooling referred to:
home school
home learning
home teaching
home education
home instruction
home based schooling
home based learning
home based school

There are probably others, but I strongly prefer "homeschool".
Homeschool, homeschooling, homeschooler
Home-school, home-schooling, home-schooler
Home school, home schooling, home schooler
Since they are two separate words simply refer to "homeschool" as a compound word for spelling purposes, or place a (-) between them.
Homeschool is not in the dictionary with it's own definition, or spelling, so there really is no "proper spelling" for home-school.

Home-schooling is a terminology that came from doing "school at home", just like caring for some one at home became home-care, or the country of ones origin became home-land and so on.
Just use either spelling for the word; the meaning will still be the same.
Homeschool is the proper way
everyone I know that "homeschools" uses one word.

But most people I know in the "homeschool" world only say "homeschool" to those who are not homeschooling.

I do not like the word "homeschool" and will only use it if I don't have the time to explain. I actually prefer "privately educated"

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