Do you have to enroll in a high school diploma program senior year of homeschooling?

Question:or can i just order a diploma off of a website and have my parents sign it?

Here is what the Home School Legal Defense association says about this on their website.

What does a diploma mean?

In general, a diploma is a certificate by which a person or organization certifies that the person named on the diploma has successfully completed a program of study. A high school diploma certifies that a student has successfully completed a program of secondary education.

Where do I get a diploma?

A blank diploma can be purchased from several organizations (including HSLDA) or possibly obtained via the Internet (make sure copyright laws are not violated), but it is not valid until it is signed by the person who has verified that the student has finished the program that was set before him.

Can I make my own diploma?

Yes, but bear in mind a diploma that looks like it was prepared by an amateur may not make the desired impression. A diploma will have the following features, at a minimum: 1. It will state that it is a high school diploma. 2. It will state the name of the student. 3. It will have words stating, in effect, that the student finished the program of secondary education that was required of him. 4. It will bear the signature of the person who knows the student finished the program. 5. It will bear the date it was issued or signed.

Who must sign the diploma?

Because the diploma attests to the fact that the student finished his high school program, it should be signed by someone who exercised authority over the student's high school program and who has verified that the student successfully completed the program. In the case of a homeschooled student, the parent is generally the appropriate person to sign. If a school is issuing the diploma, a school official will sign it.

Can a parent sign a diploma even if he did not personally teach all the classes?

Yes. For a homeschooled student, the parent designs the student's high school program. Only the parent knows if the student truly accomplished what the parent required. Even if persons outside the family taught the student, the parent will still know if the student accomplished what was required in the class.

Can more than one person sign the diploma?

Yes. There may be several people equally qualified to sign the diploma—such as both parents, in the case of a homeschooler. Additionally, other persons can sign the diploma as witnesses to verify the fact that the diploma was issued, but this is not essential.


One thing you should be aware of though is that usually a Diploma is just keepsake. Very few people ever ask to see it. Instead they ask if you graduated. To be able to legitimately say that, just be sure to meet your state's graduation requirements in regards to subjects and credits.

You are far more likely to be asked for a transcript then a diploma. Again, your parent can make this out for you. I know of only one state that has laws saying that parents can not issue a diploma, and Missouri is not it.
You should ask a head-teacher; but since this is illegal in the United Kingdom, I really couldn't say.
I have no idea, maybe go to a local public school and they should beable to tell you and your parents how to go about doing this. I was homeschooled but only until 4th grade.
I was homeschooled and after I finished all my work and sent it back in through mail and they graded it and found out i was done and ready to graduate they sent me my diploma. I took a four year course. So I don't know how that works.
What's typically done for homeschooling diplomas in the US is parents set up a plan for diploma requirements, set up the required work for the different courses and provide a transcript. You don't even need to order a diploma--your parents can draw one up. If you are simply ordering a diploma without having done any work, then it is fraudulent and if someone wants to look into it, your diploma will be seen as worthless because you'll have nothing backing up that you earned it.
To add to what Glurpy said, if you have a diploma but do not have an education, it will be discovered. This goes for home school or public school. I know y'all get tired of hearing me say this, but and education is more important than a diploma.
This is probably going to be dependent on where you live.

You can certainly go take a GED test if you feel it is important to have an accredited piece of paper.

For life requirements - I highly doubt any employer is going to discriminate against someone who puts down a graduation date and HOMESCHOOL for school name. I have personally never been asked to supply a copy of my diploma for any job. My husband on the other hand has been - but that was only for government work.

For college attendance - contact the college you are planning on attending. Chances are you are not the first homeschooler to attend their school. They will probably be just as happy with a list of courses you have taken and a general placement test.

Hope that helps!
No, you don't. Check the website. See if it would be legal for your parents to hand you a diploma.
Sabretooth...what is illegal in the UK? Do you mean Homeschooling? If you do, you're wrong.

It is education that is compulsory in the UK, not school; therefore the law in the UK makes it clear that kids who don't attend school can only be classed as truanting *IF* their name appears on a school register. Similarly, as long as their child's name has never appeared on any school register, parents don't need to inform anyone in authority of their intention to homeschool their children.

In the UK, Section 7 of the 1944 Education Act makes it clear that parents are responsible for directing their children's education 'either at school or otherwise'. That legal right of parents to educate their children outside of school is further enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights.

The UK has had its own homeschooling organisation since 1977 (Education Otherwise - and popular belief holds that there are currently more than 50,000 children being taught at home (or more correctly outside of school as home educated kids are rarely at home!) with more families opting out of school every year. In some 'average sized' towns in the UK there are now 100+ families who are known to be homeschooling their kids (not counting those who are not known to the Dept of Education).

There are even organisations in the UK, such as Oxford Homeschooling, who will provide the equivalent of a US High School Diploma (or in my case, the HSC) were this question to be asking about the UK. They apparently are going pretty well considering that they're meeting an "illegal" need, eh?

Al...I don't know the answer to your question. I do know that people here have previously said homeschoolers can have their parents issue them with a diploma. I have also heard that colleges in the US are often give more weight to transcripts from homeschoolers rather than high school diplomas.

I dunno...I'm not (for the millionth, billionth, trillionth time, lol) American; we don't have diplomas per se; I haven't decided if I want to do the HSC (the closest we have to an equivalent) or not at this point in my life as Universities here also admit students on the grounds of "life experience" regardless of whether you have your High School Certificate or not.
I'm a senior homeschooling myself, and I'm not worrying about a diploma at all. I am, however, going to take my GED so that colleges can use that if they wish. Like everyone else has said, if you did all the work, that will show up, so a diploma isn't really needed. However, if you have a college in mind to go to, you might want to check on their website and find out their requirements for credits/diplomas/GEDs. That's what I did, and found out that the colleges I'm interested in are fine with just a GED and SAT scores for homeschoolers. So i'm not worrying about a diploma. Hope that was helpful. =)

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