Ever use HomeschoolingBooks.com?

Question:I am looking to purchase on line, a gr 7 homeschool curriculum through HomeschoolingBooks.com. I am interested in learning about their ability to deliver the ordered product. In addition, can users of their curriculums comment on the condition of the material, and it meeting sound academic standards. Thanks

I have purchased things from them before, although not a complete curriculum. The order processed right away, was shipped right away, arrived in great condition. The only problem I had was that I am in Canada and it got stuck in Customs for a while, but that's not the company's fault!

I would order from them again no problem if I couldn't find a Canadian supplier for a resource they have. (Shipping and customs costs add up!)
Never heard of them before, but I am checking them out now. Thanks for the site :)
I am not familiar with them but, I know
rainbowresources.com is very wonderful on delivery, free shipping after 150.00 and have alot of curriculum discounted.

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