Anyone graduate early?

Question:I graduated October 9,2006 and right now Im 16. Did anyone graduate early besides me? ( I homeschooled so I could work at my own pace)

yes and no. I could have if i had not started a college program when I was 16. when I was 16 I started a program called dual enrollment at the community college. this let me start college 2 years early and for free. if I had simply graduated I would have had to pay for those classes. but by staying in "high school" (I'm home schooled too) I could start college early, and work at college level from my home for 2 years prior to going to a college. this saved me a lot of money in free classes and other things. but I finished all my high school level stuff when I was 15.
Everyone in my family seems to graduate one to two years early, but from public schools. Three generations of us. It's not all that rare. The motivating factor seems to be having something else that you really want to do--like attend college for a specific career goal.
That's really cool. What do you do now that you have finished school?!
My dd is 14 and a junior in highschool, she only has 7 credits left to graduate. She will either graduate this year or next, depends on how quickly she works during the next 2 years. After she plans to go to beauty school for a year just for fun and then start college the year after. I also graduated 2 years ahead of myself in public school, dd was skipped two grades one in public school and one when we began homeschooling.
no one I know,but thta goes to show anyone who have second thoughs about homeschool,it works
I graduated a year early through American School Of Correspondence in late June of this year.
yes my daughters did they both graduated at 16 they are now both employed as a legal secretary and a bank manager not bad for home school
Graduating early is common among homeschoolers I know. This includes those enrolled in public programs as well as private schools (that's how independent homeschooling is done where I live).

There's a family that I know with 7 kids, the oldest 4 all started college by age 12. They've written an ebook about their experience.

In CA, any student age 16 and older (in some cases younger) can receive the legal equivalent of a high school diploma from the state by passing the California High School Proficiency Exam. All public schools are supposed to tell their students about this option, but many don't.
I'm planning to graduate in May '08, a couple weeks b4 i turn 17. I've been homeschooled my whole life.

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